Random Radio: Guitar Hero WT VS Rockband 2

AH: Discussion on which game has more to offer. Tune In!

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TheMART3673d ago

But Guitar Hero drums

3 drums + 2 symbals = 5 x input but 100% compatible with Rockband 4 x drums. R1 or R2 has 4 x input, so can't be compatible with Guitar Hero.

Thats why Rockband (2) the game might be better, but the drums and maybe even other hardware is better from GH.

akshaw3673d ago

I am not game savvy, so I need help as I begin Christmas shopping. My boys have an xbox 360. By the last post, it sounds like if I bought the new Guitar Hero World Tour Bundle that I could also buy the Rockband game and use the GH controllers to play both games. Is that right?