VF5 Punches Gold on PS3

There are just certain genres that need solid titles for a console to be competitive. Fighting games were notably missing from the PS3's launch lineup last year, but Sony's console is about to come back in a big way. Sega has announced that Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3 has gone gold and will be available on store shelves in North America starting February 20th. The famed Virtua Fighter series will surely turn some heads towards the PS3's direction.

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specialguest5229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

according to: unfortunately, it lacks online support. damn it! kinda piss me off when fighting game franchise does this now. what's the point of owning this game when we can't even challenge each other online?

there might be hope for VF5 when it comes out for the 360 later this summer.

r10005229d ago

I've never liked virtua fighter...