Leaked Call of Duty: World at War Perk list

The perks from the upcoming Call of Duty 5 have been leaked.

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Pandemic3676d ago

The ones that interest me alot are....
- Shades
- Second Chance
- Reconnaissance

rogimusprime3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

me the revival one means that everyone has "last stand" ?


If they still have martyrdom, I hope its toned down like last stand was in COD4. What i mean is, you don't get a last stand if you get blown to $hit by a frag or get shot in the head.

That's what i hated about martyrdom. Your not going to have time to pull the pin out of anything after getting your face caved in by a deagle.

FaSeCeX3675d ago

u can throw those random grenades else where now? haha i think random 'nade kills account for than half the times i die in S&D...

xhairs93675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I can't tell if the first guy is talking about Martyrdom or Last Stand.

As for the next guy: you could always throw grenades back, the problem was the timing, if it was slightly cooked -- you're f'd, if it flew too high and landed late -- you're f'd again.

My guess is that this time having the perk allows you more time to actually throw it regardless of whether it was cooked -- or it allows you to throw them back much faster than the 10 seconds it took in CoD4.

As far as I'm concerned it looks great, can't wait to flame throw all you fools in the trenches.


- Toss Back (resets fuse on tossing back enemy grenade)

Obviously it allows you to throw the grenade back as if you were throwing one of your own normal grenades.

- Second Chance (ability to revive allies)

probably wont give everyone the "last stand" ability, but if you are stuck in last stand you can probably revive. Or in cases where you only get 1 life (s&d) maybe you can revive an ally or it probably just means you are a medic. In which this case meaning: you don't get health revived back you have to actually have a medic heal you?

MiloGarret3675d ago

I see the two best perks from cod4 are back, namely juggernaut and martyrdom. I mean, how con people play without them?!??!!!

Also, where the HELL is my UAV-jammer man?

xhairs93675d ago

Did they even have UAV back then?

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N4U3676d ago

what a funny word. It rhymes with "jerk" and it makes me think of the word "perky". Naturally, that progresses to me thinking about an endless beach full of beautiful women pounding each other with pillows.

...that brings me back to the word "jerk".

shortax3676d ago

I whistle while I twirk

N4U3676d ago

I wonder if he means inter-resting, as in, "he can still play games because he's inter-resting, you idiot! Now if he were outer-resting, then you'd have an argument."

outlawlife3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

these aren't leaked/new

they were posted on another site...maybe even a magazine about a month ago

the article had a breakdown of every single perk and told what you get for kill streaks

also had a complete weapon list i believe

Eric29293676d ago

...reported the perks a month ago, but their list was half wrong. Plus they're divided into categories here.

andron3676d ago

I think that's a good idea. It can be irritating when someone constantly spams areas with grenades. With only two that will be less of a problem...

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