Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age director teases further PS1-era remakes after Final Fantasy 7

Pre-PS2 Final Fantasy games such as 6, 8 and 9 "far more likely" to be remade than remastered, Takashi Katano tells IBTimes UK.

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-Foxtrot2623d ago

FFVIII first it's only fair

I've been waiting years to see the Garden Battle in HD

Nu2623d ago

My thoughts exactly as it's my favorite PSO FF.

Relientk772623d ago

If they remake Final Fantasy IX I'll turn into a Chocobo and start laying golden eggs

I'll take FF8 too

Kurisu2623d ago

I'd rather IV, V or VI would get a remake. I haven't played IV or V, and I almost completed VI ( would make a great remake) but I lost my save and never went back to it. But honestly let's see how the VII Remake turns out first.

dumahim2622d ago

I think IV and V both got a remake on the DS. Or one did and the other got a remaster or something. That's why I think VI should be next if they're going to keep doing this. Also, it often gets ranked higher than VII on many RPG lists.

notachance2622d ago

I'm still waiting for the glorious FFVII's crossdressing scene

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Nyxus2623d ago

I hope they will also consider doing them in turn based combat style, or at least give you the option.

ninsigma2623d ago

Whatever works best for each game I guess but I can't see them giving an option. That would require developing two different combat systems. If any of the other games get remade, they'll likely decide on turn based or real time based on FF7R. If it doesn't do well (unlikely imo), maybe they'll give turn based a go on a different remake or stick with real time if 7R does really well. Personally I'd like the creators to make it the way they want and what they feel will work for the game. I think real time is what they wanted for FF7R but if they had wanted turn based then that would have been fine too. Hoping 7R does really well so they can be confident in remaking their other classics. I'd love an FF9R.

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Goldby2622d ago

FF7R is a action turn based combat. its closer to original FF7 than to Kingdom Hearts

ninsigma2622d ago

Has that been confirmed?? Didn't see anything about that.

jznrpg2623d ago

Ohh if they did both that would be awesome. Id play them twice , though I would be happy with just turn based combat

InKnight7s2623d ago

I would like to see dissidia first, then never mind about long waiting promises.

jaycptza2623d ago

Dissidia was not on PlayStation 1. Also they making one that will probably come to PlayStation 4

Asuka2623d ago

FFVIII Remake would be amazing. Would drop insane amounts of money on a collectors edition.

dennigo2623d ago

i say we haven't seen 7 yet so this is just trolling