Farpoint Review: A Great VR Experience, But Just An Okay Game | USgamer

The next flagship PlayStation VR game shows off a new peripheral.

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Septic519d ago

Ah man. Was hoping for a killer app. Hopefully this E3 will have something

Rimeskeem519d ago

As far I can tell from the reviews, the game is fun. It may not be the amazing must have game, but if you have PSVR you may as well buy this game and invest in the gun. Now we know what gun works basically flawlessly when implemented right. Now we just need the story to back it all up.

Dojan123519d ago

I got burnt with the Sharpshooter. I am waiting for more games to use the new gun before I get it.

gangsta_red519d ago

It's getting some 'fair' reviews. I think the main issue is it works well but the game itself isn't anything special.

ninsigma519d ago

This is what I had a feeling it would be which is why I didmt pull The trigger on pre ordering. Gonna wait until people get their hands on it and see what the consensus of gamers is.

Petebloodyonion519d ago

The real problem about the game is the price.
"At its heart, Farpoint is a budget game, sold and promoted as an AAA title."

I bought yesterday, Time Machine Vr for 15$ it's well worth the 15$ I paid but would be pissed if I had paid 40$

Rangerman1208519d ago

It may be an "okay" game but it is a better "okay" game than what the PS4 got recently, Akiba's Beat.