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PlayStation VR is in a weird spot. It has the userbase, the pricepoint, and Sony has a massive industry lead. Can it stay in for the long haul?

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Septic610d ago

"My enjoyment of Farpoint is inherently tethered to my experience with it in VR. As a shooter it's only slightly above average. But the team was able to incorporate various elements of sight, sound, and touch (by way of the Aim Controller) to elevate it."

It really all boils down to the game. If a slightly above average game can be elevated through good implementation of VR then imagine what a great game would be like in VR.

OB1Biker610d ago

'My enjoyment of Farpoint is inherently tethered to my experience with it in VR. '
Yea I've noticed some reviews tend to evaluate the game as if it were not in VR and then say VR add to the experience.
Sounds BS to me.
Without VR the game has no reason to even exist. Honestly you played a VR game and wonder what the game is worth out of VR ? No point really.

freshslicepizza610d ago

This is one of the problems with VR, it's still in the novelty stage but as people invest more they want to have great games.

OB1Biker610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

IMO one of the problem with VR is there s no way to figure out what the game is like just watching streams and we have to rely on first hand reviews unfortunately. But then reviewers act like say 'my enjoyment of a racing game is inherent to being able to drive'. If I couldn't drive it would be an average game :P
No shit

freshslicepizza610d ago


Racing games can be really well done and very engrossing without a driving wheel. A driving wheel and going a step further and adding a racing seat can all add to the immersion. Those can make a good game even better.

On VR so many of them are just shallow games with VR thrown in top. Reminds me a lot of how the Wii and Kinect got a lot of shovemware. You can't mask a shallow experience for too long.

AspiringProGenji610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

Good reviews so far. Good for PS VR owners

610d ago
oakshin610d ago

It sounds to me like some of yall aren't even giving vr a chance

Dragonopolis610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

Yea I agree give VR a break let the VR and its fan base be, I'm not a fan of VR, but I'm not going to bashing it - and only wish it the best.....

by the way current gaming didn't start off with big block busters.... it took years of gaming and tons of mistakes and bad games to get where we are today ...

and there are still crappy games and developers still making the same mistakes pulling the same crappy tricks to get our hard earn money.

I'm sure if VR becomes mainstream VR industry and VR gaming community will have to contended with all the same problems current gaming is still struggling with today ( on top of all the new problems that come from a new platform)

Good Luck VR!

DaGreatOne609d ago

The biased I'm witnessing that this game is receiving is comical. The nitpicking of certain parts out of articles just to downplay the game is sickening. Any other game on here with those reviews scores are considered good not great but apparently this game is a failure to many. The only thing more frustrating than reading some of these comments based on the scores is looking back on the comments that games like ME:A or Prey got like, oh the game isn't that bad, what's the reviewers problem. No the reviews for Farpoint are taken as if laws carved in stone. They are not seen as subjective experiences from different people but concrete evidence of the failings of another psvr game. No agendas being implemented here though, right?