Farpoint Review: What remains of Sci-Finch | Stevivor

Farpoint isn't quite the VR shooter that Impulse Gear promised, but it's close. A mixture of a VR experience, shooter and a walking simulator, its six-hour core experience is certainly unlike anything else VR gamers have experienced.

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G20WLY617d ago

It seems refreshing enough for me and I can't wait to hunt aliens in VR with a buddy in co-op mode!

sci4me615d ago

Co-op was really nice and i can imagine it be even better with a friend :)

NotSoMad616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

This is really one of those games that I feel like some critics are harder on than others. Then the fans who play it would thoroughly enjoy it.

IamTylerDurden1615d ago

Most VR games are that way. Farpoint has about the same Metacritic as Rush of Blood and Arkham VR when they first launched. It's silly to consider that Rush of Blood and Arkham VR both have mediocre to poor Metacritic scores. Those are two great VR games and the best selling games on VR. Farpoint has a 9/10 user review average on Metacritic and ppl love it.

IamTylerDurden1615d ago

Farpoint is so good and the AIM controller is brilliant.