Where Are They Now? – Keiji Inafune

Keiji Inafune was once a legendary and iconic game developer, but after the disaster of Mighty No. 9 and the failure of Red Ash, he's disappeared.

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garyanderson1178d ago

Hiding under a rock, no doubt.

SaveFerris1178d ago

Hanging out with Sean Murray?

Last_Boss1177d ago

Inafune fucked up bad on a whole other level.

CrimsonWing691177d ago

I lost so much respect for this guy. I am still bitter over Mighty No. 9 and not getting the backer rewards as promised. All I've gotten was what was promised in the lowest tier with a t shirt and a dumb plushie.

DJ1177d ago

Have you guys seen the latest comments on the MN9 Kickstarter page? Lots of backers still haven't gotten their rewards.

CrimsonWing691177d ago

yea I'm in that tier and it doesn't look like we will get them. Honestly I quit doing Kickstarters because of this game. A "signature edition" came out at retail for $60 (I think). I did one of those upper tier backings with a reward of a cartridge, art book, and all kinds of stuff.

Yea all I got was a digital code for the game, a DLC skin for the wrong platform, a t-shirt, and a plushie...