Atlus’ Domain Registrations: Persona Games/Spin-offs The Future Holds

"Atlus, the publisher of the ever-growing Persona franchise had registered a bunch of domains related to the Persona series. Keep in mind, companies register domains and trademarks all the time that they never actually act on. (Example: Sony’s glove controller for PS4) However, the series is continuing to grow with its fifth main installment shipping 1.5 units on PS4 — that’s a huge number for this once-niche RPG series. The series quickly gained traction after the release of Persona 3 on the PS2 — ever since then we’ve gotten a handful of remakes and spin-offs. Because I’m such a fanboy of Persona, I want to go through the list of domains and give my thoughts on what each domain Atlus has registered could be." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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GameBoyColor524d ago

smt making a return to playstation? hmmmm

Fist4achin524d ago

Im all for it. This series as a whole is well thought out, entertaining to play, and made well. Keep em coming!

brettnll524d ago

That's exactly how I feel about it :)