Wonderwallweb review Wipeout HD

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"Wipeout HD is probably the first must buy game on the Playstation Network, speed freaks will love it and anyone who doesn't own the console will be jealous of it. Given that for only £11.99 you can get a game of this quality you would have to be very tight for cash to let this one pass you by".

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thor3674d ago

I was just playing this split screen, and although it seems like only 30fps (in split-screen) all the detail's still there and it's sooo much fun (not for my brother though he didn't beat me once :)

gaffyh3674d ago

"Wipeout HD is probably the first must buy game on the Playstation Network"

I think you'll find that was Superstardust HD. But Wipeout HD is definitely the second must buy game on PSN.

thor3674d ago

Yeah but Wipeout HD >>>> Super Stardust HD, and I think Super Stardust is amazing.

blusoops3674d ago

I think gaffyh means that since SSHD came out last year...and thus should be "the firs must buy game of PSN"... and i totally agree...but i also agree w/you in that Wipeout HD >>>>>> SSHD! Both really good games tho and i own both!

thor3674d ago

Oh yeah I still think SSHD is a must buy!

trancefreak3673d ago

i just got my first noob trophy lol. Im so happy btw the game kicks ass.