Days Gone Could Be Sony’s Next Horizon Zero Dawn

"Days Gone presumably started production shorting after Sony’s Bend Studio finished Uncharted: Golden Abyss — I’d guesstimate mid 2012. So the game has been in the works for quite some time (almost 4 and half years). We’ve only seen one extended gameplay trailer, and a short story-focused trailer thus far. Luckily, we can easily gather a bunch of information from them — here’s five reasons why Days Gone could be Sony’s next big IP." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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UCForce2332d ago

Hopefully we see more gameplay of Day Gone at E3.

brettnll2332d ago

We can only hope! It will have been a whole year of nothing haha

brettnll2332d ago

Totally forgot about it being at the PS4 Pro event!

S2Killinit2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I cant wait for Days Gone. The gameplay footage was so compelling. Ive never been impressed by gameplay without first playing a game, but this game convinced me just by showing what it looks like. Love the vibe too

freshslicepizza2332d ago

This and State of Decay 2 both look great.

Irishguy952332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Emptying your clip into an endless horde of zombies(Sorry, infected). How fun. Its almost like they just said **** it and didn't even try to be creative.

Seriously, the trend of wanking off every little thing sony pushes out is rediculous. Days gone has nothing on the last of us, it looks medicore compared to the horizon.

On one hand, we have an article were the majority say they are sick of open world games and would always prefer Uncharted or what not, on the other hand we have this article. This may be one of the most generic 'zombie' games in a long time. At what point does firing into a horde become fun? You don't have to aim, they all drop in one hit.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2332d ago


People were saying the same types of negative things about Horizon Zero Dawn before it came out and that game is a GOTY contender. Bend Studio is no slouch when it comes to making games and I predict that Days Gone will as good as or better than Horizon Zero Dawn.

Christopher2332d ago

***Days Gone will as good as or better than Horizon Zero Dawn.***

I have no clue how it will play out, but some of you are setting yourselves up for disappointment with this thinking.

2332d ago
moegooner882332d ago

Sometimes it is better for the people associated with the website submitting their content on N4G to not comment on said pieces, every time you do, it becomes more difficult to take your content seriously given how absurd most of your comments are.

bouzebbal2331d ago

no reason to answer like a moron because no reason to build up unnecessary hype.

pinkcrocodile752331d ago

I could agree with the supposition of the article however the HZD story is original, however Days Gone and State of Decay are yet two more zombie games. They are just two more games in the same genre with not a huge amount to offer compared to anything that's come before it.

Yes Days Gone's gameplay shows huge amounts of npc hords on screen and it does look beautiful, however this is nothing new, where as HZD genuinely WAS something news and deserved the praise it received.

I'm sure Days Gone and State of Decay will be great games but I would like to bet neither of them are what I'd call the new paradigm.

Goldby2331d ago


the demo that was shown at e3 was modified to allow easy killing of the freakers (not zombies)

similar to a super easy mode, it was more to show off the amount of freakers that can be present on screen than to show off how to kill them. and i say freakers as they aren't zombies, Bend has stated that there is a hierarchy system in place for the freakers where alpha groups will attack lesser groups to eat them for their food.

While it may look like a generic horde zombie mode, its the little details that are differentiating itself from the pack

Irishguy952331d ago

Goldby, every zombie game has 'little details to separate it'. But the result is always the same. If they look and act like zombies, we can call them zombies. Gaming is the first time i've seen a group of people argue over such semantics. If you had to describe 'freakers' to someone, you would simply say, "Oh they're pretty much zombies except they aren't dead yet", and then the person would instantly understand. "A horde of people trying to eat you";

Gameplay wise, the difference is negligible.

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Nu2332d ago

It looks like a refreshing take on the Zombie survival formula.
Dynasty Warriors should take a look at this game ideas.

ShadowWolf7122332d ago

T'aint zombies tho. These things aren't undead, they're alive, have a lifespan, reproduce, etc.

Christopher2332d ago

I think people use 'zombies' as a term for the type of creatures rather than calling them specifically one thing or another. Sure, 'infected' would work better, but zombies is already widely utilized to mean that. Just roll with it.

rainslacker2332d ago

A zombie by any other name.

If they look like zombies, and behave like zombies where it counts, then they're probably zombies. Making them slightly different is just to try and make a tired concept into something interesting.

Goldby2331d ago


i didn't know zombies needed to eat and sleep, or that zombies have a hierarchy system were alpha groups will attack lesser groups of their own kind

RememberThe3572331d ago


You should have watch I am Legend. Those zombies were off the hook.

CP_Company2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

RememberThe357, I am Legend is no zombie film,it is about nocturnal mutants.'a genetically re-engineered measles virus, originally created as a cure for cancer, turns into a lethal strain which kills 94% of those it infects, mutates 5% into predatory, nocturnal mutants called "Darkseekers'

some people here are really zombies.

Goldby2331d ago

just as CP stated, they aren't zombies, the closest laymans term for those creatures in i am legend would be a form of Vampirism, due their predatory actions, fear of sunlight, skin burning from UV light and drinking blood.

rainslacker2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

And yet, everyone considered I am Legend a zombie movie.

The nature of the zombie effects trumps the cause of them or the definition of what a zombie is when it comes to their presentation in media.

Truthfully, the actual definition of zombies says nothing about them being creatures that attack humans in any way, or that they feed on the living, or that you turn into one if you are bitten, etc. That's all narrative attached to them through fiction. Just like vampires didn't necessarily sleep in coffins, or were adverse to the sun, hated garlic, or were turned away by crucifixes. Same way that in Harry potter a werewolf had it's own traits and reasons for being compared to american werewolf. And the list goes on.

People seem to be trying to hard to redefine what it may be because they aren't technically zombies. But IMO, when you look at the presentation, you don't say, "those aren't zombies, they have to sleep and drink water", you say, "wow, look at all those zombie hordes chasing me".

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starchild2332d ago

I'm fairly certain we'll see more of it at E3. It looks very promising. I love the Pacific Northwest post apocalyptic setting and I know that Sony Bend is a talented studio so I expect the gameplay scenarios to be fun. The graphics are also gorgeous.

notachance2332d ago

I hope it empasize more to tactics and survival like dying light rather than chaotic action like dead rising

_-EDMIX-_2332d ago


Or Days Gone could simply be Sony's Days Gone lol

This game could even do better then Horizon. Consider its a more broad appeal and in a genre that does a bit better then RPG ie action (not sure if it has RPG elements, but i'm sure its not a RPG as the main genre).

Could be their next big block buster, but either way, I think it will do really well for them.

The industry WANTS MORE NEW IP, we want new stories to hear.

I know the community is not silent about this. I'd argue its one of the most universal demands in gaming.....new IP.

Sony has not given up on this concept since they've entered gaming and I think its clear it correlates with their success in the console market. So sure, for every Lair and MAG, we might get a Uncharted or InFamous, but I think that is worth the risk and I'd rather get some bad games that TRIED something new ,then the same thing every gen just to play it safe. The industry trust this publisher on new ideas so I'm a bit more comfortable with something like Days Gone knowing what it could be for the industry.

frostypants2332d ago

I'll be honest, I'm gonna be a bit worried about its status if we don't.

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chrisx2332d ago

Looks like it has alot of potential. Hope to be pleasantly surprised

brettnll2332d ago

Same here, looks like my type of game.

TXIDarkAvenger2332d ago

Does it? Looks like your typical open-world zombie game. I'm not saying it's going to be bad but nothing shown was impressive.