Scuf Impact & Scuf Infinity 4PS Pro - We Review Scuf's Latest PS4 Controllers - MP1st

MP1st - "The Scuf Impact is a bold new take on the PlayStation game pad with game-changing features and a winning look and feel. Meanwhile, the Scuf Infinity 4PS Pro is another forward-looking take on the more traditionally-shaped DualShock 4 design. We take a look at both."

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FITgamer1539d ago

I have a few friends that used them. They all say the Infinity model has poorer build quality than the previous models. Two of them have switched to Battle Beaver controllers. From what I've seen those seem to be much better built than SCUF controllers and they cost less.

S2Killinit1539d ago

I've never tried those. I should look into them.

medman1538d ago

Battle Beavers? They sound dangerous......

1539d ago
LexHazard791539d ago

I like these. Im gonna look more into the Impact model. Although I dont mind DS4..I feel like its to small for my hands.

BEASELY1539d ago

The Impact is masterful. I own it and it beats the shit out of every Battle Beaver ever made. I even like it better than the Elite controller because of the paddle placement.