WWE 2K17 Should Borrow From UFC 2's Rating System: WWE's The New Day

“If you look at how Mike Tyson's rated in UFC 2 where they don't even have ratings for him, but his power his otherworldly," The New Day's Big E says. "You can't even put a number on him. That's what we need to be. Don't even put a rating on us. Our rating is up in the clouds. You don't know what it is, but man we're powerful. Whatever it is we're doing, I can't rate it."

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hafitz2214d ago

Thats true!! Every wrestler in the game should be judged based on their in ring performance. Not by rating. I can rate undertaker as low as 60 and get dolph ziggler or r-truth to beat him easily which is pathetic. It'll be 30 yrs from nw before we see a huge change in gameplay and features. 2k doesnt seem to control the quality at all.