Metal Gear Solid’ Was The Interactive Action Movie We Always Wanted

Obviously, Metal Gear Solid was a massively influential game. You can see the DNA of Solid Snake's first PlayStation adventure in many story heavy games that have released in the years since, and it's almost impossible to guess what the industry might look like today had the game never happened. But Metal Gear Solid meant more than that to me because it was the moment in which I realised that I didn't just like video games, I loved them, and I was excited to see what the medium could do going forward.

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andrewsquall763d ago

It was so good and the twists just kept coming.

PowerPlayaaa763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

Phantom pain ruined the hole legacy. Damn you Konami. Greedy bastards. The game was so bad. Zero MGS feeling in that game. It was a sad good bye to one of the best franchises of all time..

BrianOBlivion763d ago

The Phantom Pain was a masterpiece.

SovereignSnaKe762d ago

The Phantom Pain was terrible. Where people hated on MGS4 in 2008, The Phantom Plot released in 2015 and inadvertently made Guns of the Patriots a masterpiece and thus the true ending of a great series. Even Peace Walker & Portable Ops blew MGSV out of the water and into orbit. (Mind you Portable Ops was only Produced by Hideo Kojima.)

BrianOBlivion762d ago

Well, I know I'm not alone in my assertion.
Of the many hundreds of games I've played over the last 40 years, The Phantom Pain earned a place in my top ten.
Ultimately, to each their own.

GamesMaster1982762d ago (Edited 762d ago )

I agree 100% i am a really big Metal Gear fan. But Phantom Pain was a total let down dont get me wrong the gameplay was fantastic but the story was not and metal gear games are about the story. And all you guys who put all the blame on konami. Well Kojima is also to blame he also made the game.

Fishy Fingers763d ago

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the franchise. It has some silly twists and convoluted narrative choices but it's still responsible for some of my favourite gaming memories. Just such as shame the series went out on such a low.