OXM UK: The Godfather II Preview

OXM UK writes: "It isn't easy, this rise to power. You end up with more blood on your hands than your average butcher, while your soul is blotted with more dirt than your local bin man.

Saying that though, there's no clown in town with a bigger smile than you when you control all the organised crime syndicates of three cities.

That's the idea behind The Godfather II, which spins out of events of Coppola's 1974 mafia masterpiece, as you try and wrestle control from four other crime families across Cuba, New York and Miami.

To capture your progression from thug to Don, the game employs two separate viewpoints working in parallel. First is your typical third person vantage point, which lets you walk or drive around artistic interpretations of the three cities and explore their clubs, bars and strip clubs while breaking faces and enforcing the family's reputation."

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