Japanese Retailers slash PS3 Prices

PS3 sales in Japan have not just chilled but FROZEN. The problem of PS3's not selling in their native motherland has got so bad that retailers are cutting their prices by as much as 20% in a bid to move the systems. As soon as PS3 gets some good games, expect things to heat up.

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smitty5423d ago

that the PS3 is an entertainment hub. People will buy it as a Blu-Ray player alone, use it to play the largest library of existing games (PS2), browse the web, store their MP3s and play music and videos, as well as store and view digital photos. On top of all of this, Motorstorm, Final Fantasy, MGS, Lair, GT, and other heavy hitter exclusives are on their way.

DonSqueak5423d ago

Yeah, maybe he abbreviated the point, but still HIS point stands. They said it's gonna sell as the supposed hub. They said, people are gonna work more to afford one. Do they?

MicroGamer5422d ago

The PS3 has almost no games now and it ISN'T selling as Blu Ray player, a photo viewer or any of the other things you mentioned.

KingJames19065422d ago

Your statement "People will buy it as a Blu-Ray player alone, use it to play the largest library of existing games (PS2), browse the web, store their MP3s and play music and videos, as well as store and view digital photos." Maybe you don't know this but any computer, MP3 player, digital camera, or PS2 can do all the things you speak of. And most people already own two or more of those products. The question is why would anyone pay whatever the cost is in Japan (I'm sure it's pretty high) to get the same functionality out of various products they already own. Sony simply over reached with the PS3 product. I say to the entire Sony naysayers out there wait until Q1's over to judge them. No Sony Fanboy or Microsoft Xbot will be able to explain the success or failure over how many units Sony sold between the first of the year and March 31st. Say there's no games all you want but you can't expect to sell any GAMING SYSTEMS without any games. I can play digital movies already with something called a DVD player. Which has a far larger library than Blu-ray and HD-DVD combined times 10,000. I can view my digital photos and surf the web on my PC. I can play VIDEO GAMES on my PS2 or Xbox. Sony should have stuck to games and maybe they would not be slashing prices today. By the way, financial markets consider the act of retailers cutting the price of any product less than 3 months after being introduced, as a failure. Sony’s stock will not react kindly to this news, as the demand is not as high as the supply. If supply overruns demand, your business model is over.

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Marriot VP5423d ago


my chinese friend also said he bought his from japan 60gb for 520$. And now its 420, something isn't selling good at all.

DR GRIM5423d ago

the ps3 will win.. when the ps2 came out would u have predicted it the winner? no you would have predicted dreamcast the winner and look what happened.. Sony is a momentum player, they start by creating a small snowball and slowly roll it down a snowy mountain until it becomes an unstoppable giant snow bouldar. This is how sony plays this game and they have always been successful, slow and steady wins the race

MissAubrey5423d ago

There is alot of factors why the Dreamcast failed! I'll tell you this the Deamcast had much more fun games in its first year than the PS2 had. I was much more happy with my Dreamcast than my PS2.

marionz5423d ago

even if by some act of god the ps3 took off and outsold the 360 (not gonna happen) it wouldnt matter now, cos the 360 is firmly established and selling well with more and more great games flooding in, so guess what? its not going away no matter how well ps3 does now, even the wii is huge compitition even tho i think it sucks, c'mon sony take the lead if you can, better do it soon tho otherwise it wont be a snoball effect it will just be downhill!

xbox360migs5422d ago

The Ps2 won against sega's efforts with the dreamcast because it had much more money to chuck at game exclusives and timed exclusives than sega. It started with the saturn and games like tomb raider, sega did not have a chance against sonys economic clout! things are differnet now though.. come on microsoft!

richie007bond5423d ago

deluded sony fanboy,what a knob