PlayStation 3: Still Reeking of Awesomeness

BF: The PS3 might be dated now but it has stood the test of time for over a decade.

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PhoenixUp526d ago

I still often use my PS3 to this day

scofios525d ago (Edited 525d ago )

To be honest play more on it then on ps4 lately, playing spec ops the line never had time to play it before , vanquish , medal of honor airborn , and soon dead space trilogy again .

mikeslemonade525d ago

Nah PS3 is a waste of time. Always updating and installing something. It's too slow to navigate and play.

slappy508525d ago

Spec ops was great picked it up recently. Has surprising depth to it's story. I still need to play dead space myself, lol can't say why iI never played that series yet.

darthv72525d ago

As odd as this may be... I actually like looking for PS3 games i havent played more so than looking for PS4 or XB1 games. Mainly because collecting for the 360 and Ps3 is pretty cheap and you dont have to install the full game to the hdd in order to play.

starchild525d ago

I still have my "fat" PS3 with backwards compatibility and it continues to work. I did open it up and replace the thermal paste some time ago, but since then it has been running great. It's nice to have a single machine that can play all my PS1, PS2 and PS3 games.

ninsigma525d ago

Thermal paste. I wonder if that's why my og PS3 yellow lighted. Maybe if I replace the paste it'll come back to life hmmmmmm

trooper_525d ago

Still rocking my PS3 as well.

chrisx526d ago

The console that introduced us to Uncharted, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, MGS4(the last best MGS game) TLOU etc. Legendary Console still have mine

naruga526d ago

totally agree about MGS4 (probably my best AAA game on PS3) ...also will be the last and forever exclusive MGS on Playstation ....even if a remake/remaster be developped , it wont count as it wont be Kojima s game....

SolidGear3525d ago

MGS4 was how I started that generation by getting the bundle with 80GB BC model. So many memories :3

Nu525d ago

You can't forget the Witcher 2.

SolidGear3525d ago

You're joking correct? That was PC and 360 only.

chrisx525d ago

@solidgear3 don't mind the clown he's only saying that cause I made an error a long time back mentioning witcher2 when I meant to say castlevania LoS2 for the Ps3. He and his gang are allover me for that

darthv72525d ago

I wondered why that kept being brought up whenever chris commented. i even went looking for the witcher 2 on ps3 and only found it on 360. I figured it had to be an error in commenting but some people just dont know when to let go of things.

Like those who keep harping on the 'could have been' for the DRM on xb1. It didnt happen so it's okay to drop it and move on.

Kribwalker524d ago

#neverforget #witcher2 #definitive version

gangsta_red523d ago

It's easy to confuse Witcher 2 and Castlevania Lords of Shadow for PS3. I do it all the time....

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BadBoyC526d ago

PS3 does still reek of awesomeness. Hell, I'm on it right now playing Red Dead Redemption as I browse through n4g and I still have quite a backlog on the PS3 to this day. However, it would be even more awesome if I didn't have to put up with these annoying PSN connection issues on the PS3 for the last year and a half. All my other devices like my Vita, PS4, Laptop and phone don't suffer from these issues but my PS3 does for some reason. That is NOT so awesome...

Kurdishcurse525d ago

I love that just because you posted a legit complaint about a ps console, u get dislikes all around. Sums up the n4g fanbase really.

BadBoyC525d ago

This is true. Hell, on N4G you can state the most legit factual arguments which make total sense in regards to the topics at hand and still get dozens of disagrees from people lol.

I've been on this site for about 3 years and the more time I spent on it the more I learned to never question question agrees or disagrees or worry about why you got so many of them in the first place. Trust me.. you're only beating a dead horse by doing so lol

Liqu1d525d ago

It's disagree not dislike. People disagreed with him, get over it.

Z501525d ago

I disagreed because it seems like an issue (within the context of his comment) that can be fixed immediately by his own hands.

Inzo525d ago

Good to hear someone also has the PSN issue, have you reported it because I dont get a response regarding this.

BadBoyC525d ago (Edited 525d ago )

Nope. Outta curiosity, are you having these PSN issues on the PS3 only or is it happening to you on your other PS systems? PSN works fine on the Vita and PS4. It only acts up on the PS3 for me which I find very odd being that they're all connecting to the same exact network which is PSN. Very irritating to say the least...

Inzo525d ago


Just on the PS3, others are fine.

Z501525d ago

Disconnect your PS3 from the internet if you're playing a single player game(s). Unless you left something out with your comment.

DigitalRaptor526d ago

Amazing console.

Still working my way through the backlog of doom.

TheColbertinator525d ago

Decent console. Currently playing Persona 5 right now.

_-EDMIX-_525d ago

lol im playing Persona 4 on it now

franwex525d ago

You must have the fat version? So do I.

hamzilla525d ago (Edited 525d ago )

I am playing Demon Souls, Tekken Tag Tourny 2 again these days.. and some PS1/PS2 classics off it like Dawn of Mana, Ogre Battle Limited Edition, FF Tactics, Xenogears, Need for Speed Underground 2 (original backwards compatible system and upscaled on my 4K screen thanks to my new AV receiver)

_-EDMIX-_525d ago

@fran-I actually have the slim version that I'm playing with Persona 4 but I actually own a 60 gig BC version and my family owns a 40 gig version and the Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition version.

@ham-after I complete Persona 4 and 5 I'm actually thinking of starting Dawn Of Mana as I purchased it on sale last year. I'm also thinking about replaying Demon's Souls before I start bloonborne.

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