El Shaddai Director Shows HD Version; Teases Major Announcement Within Two Weeks

El Shaddai Director Takeyasu Sawaki showcases an HD version of the game, and teases a major announcement.

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Fist4achin524d ago

I loved the artistic direction of el shaddai.

candystop524d ago

Me too. Looking forward to e3.

DevilOgreFish524d ago

oh i definitely remember this game. the platforming was tough, boss fights were even tougher.

ZwVw524d ago

Same here. If only the gameplay held up equally. Left much to be desired.

Fullmetalevolust524d ago

I really enjoying playing El Shaddai, some of the bosses were really tough and required some strategy to defeat them. The art direction is out of this world and I was always excited to move forward in the game. I remember a stage with fireworks and tribal music. These kind of games are so unique, they stay with you, kind of like Okami.

-Gespenst-523d ago

Such a cool game. I hope there's something new in the works.

TheOttomatic91523d ago

Wait wasn't El Shaddai on PS3/360 or did I imagine that? Doesn't that already mean it's in HD wouldn't it be a remaster.

CrimsonWing69523d ago

Man this game was so beautiful and played great. Easily one of my favorite games of last gen, unfortunately aside from you guys, nobody ever knows what I'm talking about if I ask if they've ever played it.