Top 10: Worst Final Fantasy Games

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "The Final Fantasy series is one of gaming’s most revered franchises with many of its games finding themselves near the top of ‘best games of all time’ lists and simply uttering the words ‘Final Fantasy’ usually evokes images of epic quests and world class polish. But not all of the games to bear the name have been worthy of praise. Some, in fact are terrible, unplayable, ugly and obnoxious games that make you wonder how Square Enix ever approved them. So for this week’s Top 10 we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel and counting down the Top 10 Worst Final Fantasy Games."

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DedicatedDark616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

Addition of FFXIII Lightning Returns and Crystal Bearers make your list redundant.

Though I appreciate the lack of FFX-2.

And I agree with the rest.

DedicatedDark616d ago

Wait on further thought, the inclusion FFVIII would be nice. Terrible writing, terrible story, terrible gameplay and terrible translation. And therefore a terrible game.

616d ago
Derceto616d ago

Any Final Fantasy made my SquareEnix. Quick and easy.

SinkingSage616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

Since when is After Years or Lightning Returns bad?
This article is garbage, the absolute worst FF, Final Fantasy XIII is nowhere to be seen.

Also, why include a game that doesn't even exist anymore? FFXIV 1.0 is long gone...

overrated44615d ago

Lightning avatar and mad about Lightning Returns being on the list!?

SinkingSage614d ago

Heh, yeah, how is LR on the list but not XIII? XIII is pretty bad.

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