Crackdown Is The 'Key' To Getting In The Halo 3 Beta

The Halo 3 site updated what the link between Crackdown and the Halo 3 beta will be. You see kids, the Crackdown disc will actually be a "key" to be able to download the Halo 3.

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MicroGamer5230d ago

if the only way in is to buy Crackdown??

BB5230d ago

No, there were two other ways besides this one. The first one being to have signed up late last year on the Halo 3 website, the second was to be playing Halo 2 multi-player for a minimum of 20 hours during a certain week in Feb.

JustCallMeDaddy5230d ago

I already got my mail saying that i have been accepted to the halo 3 beta.

BB5230d ago

Congrats, see you on the battlefield in March

kikilala5229d ago

if crackdown will be like ZOE2 on PS2.. and be remembered as the game that people buy to play Halo 3..

Munky5229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

And i'm happy to say that CRACKDOWN is really fun game. So if ppl are worried about buying a sub par game just to play H3 they don't need to worry. CRACKDOWN is a very solid title.

Havince5229d ago

Has 2 be said thats a really clever idea they have there. lucky that the game is really good, i was never considering returning the game when purchased anyway