Microsoft India: Xbox 360 Slim is Real

Split-screen writes: "At a recent event held in Delhi, Microsoft revealed some very interesting pieces of information. For one thing, most sites have posted conspiracies and possible shots of what appeared as the console's slim version; Engadget received a tip as far back as May concerning the planned 45nm Valhalla combined CPU / GPU motherboard design for the 360 and how it would most likely come in a new slim case."

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Kinetix4816d ago

Wow. Forget the price drops I'll wait for this one to come in the u.s cuz it's definitely sexy.

v1c1ous4816d ago

that's a concept drawing. looks more like a ps2 slim than anything.
also, realistically, i dont believe either the xbox 360 and ps3 would make a drastic decrease in size when the slim versions become available.

definetaly a slimmer case sure, but don't expect almost 50% shrinking like the ps2.

solidt124816d ago

This is not a flame or diss, but if they combine the gpu and cpu I hope they have a hell of a cooling system because they are just asking for a fire.

edhe4815d ago

It'll be a 45nm process by the that happens. Considering that 90nm is 2x the dye size then you can understand that there should be a significantly reduced thermal envelope.

They wouldn't do it unless it worked, i think the TLoD issues forced them to rethink that approach.

Lyan4815d ago

It's not that I don't believe this website, but I find myself unable to at the moment. They profess that it is "confirmed", however, unless I missed it, I see no direct quote, link, or reference to any official confirmation. There isn't even a mention of who specifically confirmed it's existence aside from "execs", which is pretty nondescript.

It would be really cool, but I'll wait until there is some actual substantial weight to this claim before I believe it. Even if the website is using conjecture I'm sure it is probably in development/developed.

Quickstrike4815d ago

I hope this it real because I would buy it. I've been waiting for the price drop but now that the 360 slim is real I'll just wait for this and buy it a few months after it's released so I can see if there is RRoD with it. If no RRoD then I'll buy it and add it to my collection.

N4Flamers4815d ago

this site does not have any sources, and on top of that has all kinds of misinterpreted facts. It says that indian gamers played halo 3 before the world, wow cuz there was no beta right. It also says that this pic is an artist rendering, then why would they have an official announcement for something that is coming out in two months, and not even have the design nailed down.

theEnemy4815d ago

A slim Xbox360.

Optional Components:

-External Fan
-External HD
-External Power Supply
-External Fanx2

jaysquared4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

Good move by M$ and probably the only way it will sell 100 million consoles just like the Playstation did. We all know that the 100+ million PS1 and PS2 consoles that sold half of those were because owners with bigger consoles upgraded to the slimmer version.. If Sony hadn't come out with the slimmer versions of the PS1 and 2 it would have never sold 100+million.. With this move many original 360 owners would want to upgrade from their bigger version guaranteeing another 20 million consoles sold for. The question is will they sell 100 million just like the PS did? We'll see.....

power of Green 4815d ago

That photoshoped pic is ugly as hell, the last time a PlayStation looked good was with the PS1.

uie4rhig4815d ago

which is fan made, a while ago some magazine (if im right) said that Sony was 'currently' making PS3 slims, and it 'should be announced soon' or something in that sense..

so just so everyone knows.. this is not the actual slim 360 if it comes, and doubt that MS will base it on this..

but cool news .. if the cooling is good.. might pick one of these up..

Lelouch V Brit4815d ago

"Wow. Forget the price drops I'll wait for this one to come in the u.s cuz it's definitely sexy. "

100% agree

Another Console To My Collection.

p.s: I own Launch Premium Console, Elite, Halo 3 Edition and a Modded Arcade.

MikeGdaGod4815d ago


yeah right, heard that before

badz1494815d ago

where the hell would the HDD go? I know the picture is fan-made but at least, be sensible! as the way it is now, there is no way to shrink the 360 as far as the width is concern because of the HDD size! that of course if they are going to put it on top or at the bottom or simply introduce internal HDD. the later will surely piss off a lot of existing owners and will make the current propriety HDD obsolete thus I'm not sure if they would have ever think about it.

even the current model is still giving RRoD(don't ever tell me it's fixed, because I have a friend who just got burned), so I'm not putting as much faith over this slim model just yet! but interesting thing is, it would be a hit in Japan! you know those Japanese really love all those slim versions!!

Wii60Fan4815d ago

That is just a white ps2 slim.

red5ive4815d ago

that's not the actual system. it's a concept, or fanart, or whatever the hell you wanna call it. IF this xbox slim is actually going through then microsoft hasn't revealed it yet, obvioualy. article says december i think.

San anto4812d ago

That is a nice ps2 slimline indeed.....

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Citizen Cook4816d ago

I could do with ANOTHER 360...

One more nail in the coffin for the PS3rd...

Actually, the PS3rd is already dead after the 360's recent price cut... this is more like digging up the body again and putting a bullet in its skull just for the hell of it... lol

*_*4816d ago

((hmmm now i will never buy an xbox 360 i dont want slim rrod))

Lelouch V Brit4815d ago

^^^ typical answer from a xbox 360 Hater.

p.s: Bubbles For You Citizen Cook

Anton Chigurh4815d ago

that was funny lol




GiantEnemyLobster4815d ago

Continuing to dominate in the field of Video game entertainment.

ShinMaster4815d ago

IT'S PS2 Slim/Wii!

Besides, I'm pretty sure it's not real, since the only pic they show is barely 200x200.

No actual photo of it. Just a concept picture.

Yeah, that's pretty legit stuff right there.

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Yi-Long4816d ago

... and I'll just get the Elite in a few weeks (gotta ait for a plasma first).

I'm sure the 'slim' will look nice etc, but given MS's trackrecord, I certainly wont be buying a 'new model', affraid that once again they will have skipped proper testing, and we'll be stuck with another fragile console.

Gam714816d ago

By that logic you wouldn't have bought a new model ps2 last gen.

Panthers4816d ago

Well he is going by M$ track record. Sure the PS2 had some problems early, but not on the same scale.

Gam714816d ago

but on the biggest scale by that point.

also how good is sonys record?

batteries laptops psp's etc so i don't think sony fans should be questioning ms.

spandexxking4816d ago

not on the same scale by far. plus i wonder what there gonna do about things like the HDD/wi-fi. i doubt its be able to fit onto the slimmer version. if its all built in then theres no worries!

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jay24816d ago

Very stupid releasing this after Xmas.

jaysquared4815d ago

It won't be released after this christmas but I expect before christmast of 2009..

MaximusPrime4816d ago

coming out with ultra big noisiest fan.

*_*4816d ago

((that is another concern of mine how will i hear the music if the console is so loud))

Gam714816d ago

It's not a concern of yours because your a troll looking hate on the 360 to justify your choice of console.

you have a game to play on it now so why don't you.

Pain4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

So making it slim is no surprise.

lol waits for ~Mini RROd

@ gam17 Hypocrite Much kid?... go on say something witty like a twit teenybopper will say...

Gam714815d ago

ok pain says

"@ gam17 Hypocrite Much kid?... go on say something witty like a twit teenybopper will say..."

right after saying

"XBOX 2 is Just made of Laptop PC parts after all."

"lol waits for ~Mini RROd"


One who, professing virtues that he does not respect, secures the advantage of seeming to be what he depises.

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