Nintendo’s Ultra Street Fighter II embargo makes it hard for an honest reviewer | RGM

Nintendo's Ultra Street Fighter II embargo is like a V-Trigger to the face

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IamTylerDurden11597d ago

Wow. Can't talk about game length or online at all. Pretty shady. The game sounds like it will be a mess.

agentxk1597d ago

Game length is ok the day before launch, online though, not at all.

Rushing_Punch1597d ago

Still, that doesn't seem like a fair enough timeframe. I was going to preorder...

Neonridr1595d ago

game length? It's a fighting game. Played a Street Fighter before? Then you know what to expect here..

CocoaBrother1597d ago

Wouldn't this be on Capcom more than Nintendo since this is their game/series? We didn't blame Sony for the Street Fighter V embargo and release; we blamed Capcom and rightfully so.

Rushing_Punch1597d ago

Golin Harris is the one that sent the embargo. That's the group that Nintendo uses for PR.

CocoaBrother1597d ago

Gotcha. One would think Capcom has say over their game though since this is their most popular IP

Rushing_Punch1597d ago

You'd think. It's probably both of em since Capcom did something similar with SFV I think

agentxk1596d ago

That is correct! Golin is who sent it out!

Enigma_20991596d ago

I'd consider this shady if they did this while trying to sell it. As it stands, meh. I'll just wait until the embargo lifts and the reviews are left to run wild and free. Then I'll sift through the "Nintendo sucks" ones and make my opinion on whether they pulled another "Street Fighter V."