Star Citizen's New Video Shows Gorgeous Graphics, Effects, Starships and Interaction System

Cloud Imperium Games show more of Star Citizen's gorgeous visuals and the progress being made on the game.

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X-Alchemist521d ago

Coming soon in summer 2038!

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corroios521d ago

How many years are them making this game? 20 years?

sorane521d ago

It's the most ambitious, graphically intensive game ever created. How long do you think something on that scale should take? Far far far less games have taken 5+ years to make.

Nikitaaroradelhi521d ago

I like this game. My Child's will like so much.

masterfox521d ago (Edited 521d ago )

freaking scammers!!!, they know that by releasing small chunks of different tech demos they can keep earning money, I wonder what the supporters are thinking, I'm pretty sure by now they have no idea what to expect from SC they just keep throwing money at them without reasoning, probably they are just moved by fanboyism or something who knows, I mean it just makes no sense this thing is over 150 millions dlls now and the thing they only do is to keep releasing tech demos.

sorane521d ago

You obviously don't know much about the game. That was easy to figure out since you're one of the biggest ps4 fanboys this site has ever seen. Do some research before posting about subjects you don't know anything about.