Fifa 09 Release Date Broken in UK and France

Fifa09 release date has been broken in UK and France. After the jump, proof with pictures and videos.

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Crazywhitie3672d ago

I really don't think anybody Cares

Harry1903671d ago

You are talking about a game that sells 7 million copies on all platforms every year. You deserve some disagrees.

The 3rd of October is not that far away either.

shine13963671d ago

''he bought ps3 version and achievements showing x360''


bomboclaat_gamer3671d ago

crazywhite must be an american. typical arrogance

danielo3672d ago

I updated the gametrailers thread with more pics, videos and infos!
Check it out!

STEVIE_3672d ago

Ch - Ch - Ch - Checking it out! Ohh Ohh oooh.

fia09baby3672d ago

I will buy the game from any1 with shipping please i want fifa09!!!!!! Best sports game ever

trevjim3672d ago

skip forward a week or so when its pes 2009 and then it will cause alot of interest...

bomboclaat_gamer3671d ago

PESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSS will be bomboclaat hot. Jamaicans love PES

danielo3671d ago

I think fifa09 will be better than pes09 again, the graphics are much better and gameplay improved alot it's almost like pes

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The story is too old to be commented.