psu:Fracture Interview

PSU: In today's industry it's always refreshing to find that some companies are willing to raise the bar and inject a little innovation into a genre growing as rapidly stale and ubiquitous as the First-Person Shooter. Chances are that the majority of you have already downloaded the demo for LucasArts' upcoming title Fracture, the first game to feature full-fledged terrain deformation. Due to the positive feedback of the demo, PlayStation Universe decided to contact LucasArts to get our readers a little more info on the game. Vicki Miller, a production assistant, was able to take the time out of her schedule to sit down and answer some of our questions.

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Silogon3672d ago

Fracture is one of, if not the 2nd or 3rd mosst, generic games I have ever played. It was so painful to see the demo unfold that I almost couldn't bare it. When I think of Generic I tyhink 28 days later, cloverfield and Iron man... This game has all the sure fire bets on hand to really shine in the generic mold of those films, only in video game form.