LaptopMag: HTC Touch Diamond Review

LaptopMag Writes:

"We like the compact design of the Touch Diamond, as well as its TouchFLO 3D interface, the YouTube application, and Opera Web browser. And most of Sprint's services work as advertised. But too often we had to sit through Windows Mobile's spinning circle while waiting for things to happen, and typing on the Touch Diamond is frustrating. If you're on Sprint, the Samsung Instinct offers many of the same features of the Touch Diamond for a much lower price of $129. If you're willing to put up with occasional sluggishness, however, the Diamond's interface, Outlook integration, and sharper camera make it a worthwhile option. We just think it should be priced at $199 like the iPhone, not $249. Want a better messaging experience? Wait for the HTC Touch Pro, which will sport a slide-out keyboard, a microSD Card slot, and a flash for its camera."

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