Watch Dogs 2 is surely my best game ever

Paul @ Finger Guns: That's a bold statement right there but for me, it must be the best game ever.

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chrisx2630d ago

Definitely a much better game over all than the 1st

PapaBop2630d ago

They did a great job improving on the mechanics of the first but much preferred the darker tone of the original.

naruga2630d ago

@author....when did you start gaming ? 2014?

rdgneoz32630d ago

The darker tone vs the hipster theme... Preferred the 1st one as well.

UnHoly_One2630d ago

Glad I'm not the only one, I thought the first was a far superior game.

Not just the tone, either.

I thought the two drones completely and totally broke the gameplay. Hacker vision as well.

The first game was fun because "Camera Jumping" made every encounter part "puzzle" if you wanted to stay stealthy. In the second, you can see everything through the walls or just drop grenades on people from the sky. It was terrible.

Loved the first, hated the second. Rarely have I been so disappointed in a sequel.

KOIMOJO2630d ago

YAY! I thought I was going to come on here and get ripped for saying it, but I also like the dark tone and characters from the first. I think Aiden was a little weak but I think they intended to never have the player really root for him. I thought the second game was good (especially mechanically) but the characters felt like check boxes that they crossed and tried too hard to be the opposite of the first for me.

_-EDMIX-_2629d ago

I thought I would like the darker tone of the first game but it just started to sound very cliche and cheesy I'm sure they could make a more darker and have some really cool political intrigue but I just feel it was sort of corny and cliche.

The second game at least doesn't take itself too seriously and kind of accept what it is and I believe represents the type of hackers at least to a degree that exist in the world today.

If they were to make a third game I would actually wanted to take the tone of the second.

I think I like the way the first game could have been but its execution is just terrible.

I mean if we were to not know of the exact gameplay or quality of both titles I actually side with the presentation of the first game only because it shows a cold dark moody atmosphere in a cool dark concept but its execution is so bad that I don't really think I want that if it's there just going to have the same type of quality.

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Nivekki2630d ago

Couldn't stand the hipster setting, turned me off.

Scatpants2630d ago

Hated the first one. Why they thought controlling a Canadian soccer dad would be cool is beyond me. The hipster thing in the second kind of sucks too though.

EmperorDalek2630d ago

Not that much of an achievement, the first was goddamn awful.

Neonridr2630d ago

definitely a bold statement there indeed.. but to each their own.

Kabaneri2630d ago

The vehicle control hacks never get old.

Razzer2630d ago

Great game. Not best ever in my book, but appreciate how the author specifically says "my best game ever".

freshslicepizza2630d ago

I think it would work even better if it were locked in 1st person view. Seems kind of cheap when you are in third person and can see around walls.

LGroves_84HuG2630d ago

Could say that about all 3rd person games. A FPS option would be nice if you want that, like GTA V has

andrewsquall2630d ago

Or Gravity Rush 1 and 2 :)

rynodigital2630d ago

Dunno about you, but i find driving in First Person, at least in open world / non-racing games quite difficult

I do like the First / Third in cover style of Deus Ex tho

Razzer2630d ago

Disagree. I personally prefer third person games. Especially games that use melee attacks and stealth.