High Voltage Ask for Gamer's Input

High Voltage Software, the company behind development of the much anticipated The Conduit, have said that they want gamer input on how to control The Conduit on Wii. CEO of High Voltage Gaming, Kerry J. Ganofsky had this to say:

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rbluetank3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

He has talked about the great value in 1.0 joystick the Wii is using or will use for a long time now on this site. He prefers it over the PS3 and 360 joysticks. Sorry, Mr. Scissor-Runner but this is right up your alley. lol You are better suited to explain to High Voltage on where/how to set up the buttons. i will read your response to how to set up the buttons up later tonight.

There are about of handful of great looking Wii games coming out this year and next. I am 98% sure i will never buy a Wii but these two game are hot!! The if by chance rule is broken; i buy a Wii these two games are on the buy list. Conduit reminds me of perfect dark on N64 not the broke one on the 360.. My top two wii games are Mad World/Conduit. I really wish those two games the best.. the other game make me want to pull out my 2600 or turbo graphics and take them for a spin down memory lane.