Rime Developer Explains Switch Price Difference, Offers Bonus

Hot on the heels of some negative press, Rime developer Grey Box offers an explanation and a freebie.

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SlappingOysters2087d ago

So why aren't all the other multiformat Switch games more expensive on Switch, too?

porkChop2087d ago

Because other devs don't use platform differences and customizations as an excuse to charge a higher price.

All we've heard is how easy and quick it is to port games to the Switch. Yet these guys expect us to believe that they'd be selling the Switch version at a loss if they charged the same price as other platforms. It's stupid.

Every platform needs optimization and extra work, that's how you make multiplats. You don't make one version of the game and have it magically work on every platform.

Legion212087d ago

I believe it has to do with the cartridges the switch uses being more expensive than CDs or Blu-ray

ShadowWolf7122087d ago

Some are. Puyo Puyo Tetris, for example.

ninsigma2086d ago

40 euro is a stupid price for that game. I'm not understanding why it's so high.

godashram2086d ago

Also, small "print" runs of games means the publisher is paying more per game card. Puyo Puyo Tetris is a good example as it's supposed to be a small print run.

Now what Grey Box is doing is something EVERY publisher should do.... have the digital version of a game cost less than the physical.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2086d ago

A download code for the music doesn't mean much when we'll have the game itself, and Youtube as well, to use to enjoy it.
The increased price is bollocks.