First day sales in Japan (9/25)

Ameblo via VGChartz is reporting that the first day sales estimates in Japan on September 25th, 2008 as follow:

Super Robot Wars Z (PS2) 270k
World Destruction (DS) 43k
X Edge (PS3) 15k
AquaNaut's Holiday (PS3) 10k
Knights in the Nightmare (DS) 10k
Disaster: Day of Crisis (Wii) 10k

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Silogon3677d ago

You're doing good to sell 15,000 copies of something in Japan anymore. Well, if you're on a console. It's almost like their market is drying up, cause nothing sells well there anymore. Even wii games don't sell. Hell, Infinite undiscovery <terrible name, should've sold 500,000 units by now. Well, going off past ressults of big name RPG's on other systems. It's shocking how little it sold in retrospect. Same with Eternal sonata, that game would've sold a million by now had this been the ps1 or ps2 days. Yet, to date, on both xbox 360 and Ps3 the game hasn't even broke 100,000 units. That tells me something is wrong there.

RememberThe3573677d ago

Or maybe they're waiting for the PS3 to drop in price.

ExcelKnight3677d ago

Perhaps the economic situation this entire world is diving into is part of the reason why we're seeing such low numbers.

Perhaps the lack of large brand names on current-gen consoles on the market is the reason nothing sells over a million copies on launch day in Japan anymore.

Perhaps people just don't care for games when school years start up.


TheColbertinator3677d ago

I think X Edge is that fighting game though I can't remember.The land of the rising sun does not have the same impact like it used to.Very sad

Tacki3677d ago

It's actually a seems to be a bit more of an RPG. At the same time it appears to have fighting elements. It's an odd mix for sure. Especially with all the different franchises the game draws its characters from.