The Sims Mobile Announced by EA, Leaving Fans Furious

J Station X: EA and Maxis announce The Sims Mobile for iOS and Android, leaving fans angry that the companies are abandoning main series game, The Sims 4.

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2pacalypsenow2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

The Sims we all grew up loving is dead, its started with 3 and was finalized with 4, and now this...

ONESHOTV22203d ago

I don't know what sims you were playing but sims three is one of the best is know because i own and played every sims from 1-3- medieval an this includes all of the dlc so yes i spent a lot of money on the sims. Btw these games are best played with mods

ONESHOTV22203d ago

Yeah it can i have the sims collection and all of the sims 3 dlc plus i use a lot of mods so yes sims three does pass sims 2 in my books

-Foxtrot2209d ago

This series could have evolved so much. The best features from the past games expansions should have been standard in the next instalment but more refined.

The console versions aswell should have been exactly like the PC version...I mean it's not like it's a power hungry game

I really don't know why a developer hasn't made a game like it but better. Sure it might be called a "Sims copy" but if they make it better and pack full it with content I think people who want to give EA the middle finger would support it.

Derceto2209d ago

EA leaving fans furious? Business as usual I guess.

SegaGamer2209d ago

I knew this would happen eventually. Typical EA really. I'm sure this game will be full of microtransactions.

MetroidFREAK212209d ago

I only have ever played the original. Glad I kept it that way

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