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Geobros2095d ago

I was waiting to see FF VII in top 10 list but it is in #52. Anyway, for me Chrono Trigger is the best RPG I've ever played, so I agree with IGN choices.

naruga2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

same old lame story--> FF 6 listed and FF 7 nowhere to be seen just to appear sophisticated and seasoned gamer ....not having FF 7 in a TOP 10 rpg list is idiotic and retarded as FK ...generally having some good choices in there (Secret of Mana, Vagrant Story) though excluding FF7 the list loses any integrity ...shallow it people (especially you the Sony haters) FF7 is and remains one (if not the) of the best made RPG yet having nearly 0 flaws....(i say it again it may be this sound clueless, graphic , cliched ,streamlined or whatever the Fk you want but is the damn undenied truth )

DedicatedDark2094d ago

Ugh! Loving a game is fine. But fanboying it this much is just pathetic.

theKiller2094d ago

to be honest, FF7 is something that is unpreceded at its time. it is still so unique, very fun, and a key factor that pushed ps1 consoles.

is it the best of all time? i dont know, FF9 and FF10 are contenders for number one for me. but FF7 is a legendary game in the RPG gender.

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refocusedman2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

FF 7 was an amazing game. The Chocobo racing, limit breaks, chocobo breeding, length/options, the summon spells, the epic battles, or just the story and the character's alone made this one of if not the best ff because it was the first of its kind and it still holds up relatively well until this very day. If you mention cloud people know exactly what and who youre referring to (the same thing for sephiroth)

JLynn9432093d ago

It's always fun for people to hate on FF7. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion and can have different tastes, but if they'd set aside the bias they have against it for the amount of attention and praise it has gotten, they'd have it ranked higher than they do. It's still my favorite game regardless.

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Movefasta19932094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Looking at the ign comment section, people don't realize how dificult it must be to narrow it down to a person's top 10 all time fav rpgs,and then to be mad that you don't share they don't share the same opinion as you?Ahhh.
I haven't played too many rpgs,but my list would go something like this:
Demon Souls
Dark souls 1
Jade empire
Fallout new vegas
final fantasy 9
pokemon gold/silver/crystal(same games really)
mass effect 1
mass effect 2

Fearmonkey2094d ago

Crap list, unless you were going for the top 10 JPRPG mainly.
No Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim?

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Ragthorn2093d ago

You named 4 of the 5 mainline Elder Scrolls games to represent you're opinion. To be honest, only Morrowind and MAYBE Daggerfall or Oblivion should be added. In the end though, this is just another list for top ten RPGs, which is of course, is entirely subjective.

Imalwaysright2094d ago

Happy that Vagrant Story is there. Definetely one of the most underrated games ever made.

indysurfn2094d ago

huh? They was a failed attempt to make a action based dark and disturbing RPG.

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