HL2: Episode Two preview in PC Gamer

To sum it up:

- *NEW* Release estimate: Spring 2007
- Gravity gun will get new functionality
- Alyx is alive
- Vortigaunts will be more fleshed out
- More details about GMan will be revealed
- New vehicle will be introduced made by some guys in the woods. Will serve as enemy rammer =P
- You will cover the same amount of locales as in hl2 and the new locales will have a much more realistic feel to them since they are based off real locations (missile silo, mine shaft, etc.)
- Eli and Kleiner have set up base in the missile silo and you have to get the packet to them
- We'll see the UBER and most difficult physics puzzle to date in episode 2
- New weapon known as Strider buster
- Strider and Hunter now has a weak spot *could change*
-Big battlefield-esque combat engagements with lots of enemies and allies fighting. Woods provide plenty of cover
- OH! And new yet-to-be-announced multiplayer game will ship with episode two...might it be TF2 set during the 7 Hour War?

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MoonDust6198d ago (Edited 6198d ago )

The second installment or is it the 3rd...

ZeroAlarm6198d ago

Thanks for the f***ing "spolier alert" notice