Assassin’s Creed Origins May Be Set During 5th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, May Feature Queen Khenut

A off-screen image for Assassin's Creed: Origins, the rumoured next title in the series, has been making the rounds and more or less indicated the visual style that Ubisoft is going for. However, the image also revealed some additional information.

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ssmilloy36527d ago

if you've played one you've played them all. time setting changes nothing

andrewsquall527d ago

Same can be said with all DICE's games. Hell, even a game on their Frostbite game engine has the same horrible generic human character models.
Actually the same can be said about most games and their sequels. Its just some games destroy their franchise forever with a terrible broken game engine like Unity had.

ginsunuva527d ago

Okay, but that doesn't change what OP said.

Just because DICE's stuff is culprit to it too doesnt make his argument moot.

Aenea527d ago

Plants vs. Zombies looks way different than Battlefield 1 😉

cfc83527d ago

I agree. Unfortunately there alot of foolish gamers who will continue to buy this flogged i.p.

cfc83527d ago (Edited 527d ago )


andrewsquall527d ago

We know, her name is on the leaked screenshot from yesterday. Did we need a damn article about that gamingbolt???

Relientk77527d ago (Edited 527d ago )

Why was this even approved? It's the top story on N4G right now. The leaked screenshot.

There is nothing new here

Fishy Fingers527d ago

May be, may, might, could, possibly, conceivably, weather depending...

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