US PlayStation Store Offers Mega Sale On Sony Santa Monica And Ubisoft Games

US PlayStation Store is offering a mega sale this week on games published by Sony Santa Monica and Ubisoft.

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zivtheawesome524d ago

the order for 3.99 sounds pretty good. i gotta check this one out.

C-H-E-F524d ago

Yeah, I just bought it again when they had it at 4.99, I bought it because my wife didn't watch me play through it when I got it on launch. If you love the underworld movies you'll love this game for sure. Everyone that complained about the game ruined what could've been a great series. overall i'd give an 8/10.

nX523d ago

Yes it's worth at least 20$ imo, one of the few games I would call "overhated".

captainexplosion523d ago

You're wife sounds like a lucky lady. She gets to watch you play a video game.

C-H-E-F523d ago


She prefer to watch me play games instead of playing them, perhaps you should try finding a female of your own..?

S2Killinit523d ago

That is a rediculous price for that game. You wont be dissapointed.

Legion21523d ago

Definitely a must buy at that price

523d ago
SonyWarrior523d ago

its a pretty cool game it starts off slow i thought it was like heavy rain at first but its not it just has a lot of seamless cutscenes that have good flow between gameplay and has a good story.

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LordofYogurt524d ago

Now is your chance to pick up The Order 1886, it's a fantastic game at that price. 4 bucks is nothing for the great story it provides

UltraNova523d ago

Its practicaly a steal...

Chumdiddy524d ago

Ubisoft sale is garbage but I may easily spend $20+ on the SSM sale.

Consider that tons of *actual games are priced $2-5 and a couple great ones $5-10 and Linger In Shadows is not even a game and it's $2-3. Linger in Shadow is like a tech demo that lasts 15 mins. You can grab it or grab most any GOW title, any Twisted Metal title, The Order, etc for the same price.

Nice sale.

Servbot41523d ago

Ubisoft can't even get sales right.

GuruStarr78523d ago

I jumped on Twisted Metal Black. My favorite all time Twisted Metal game.

Sam Fisher523d ago

Ill correct you, it was the best twisted metal period

SonyWarrior523d ago

linger in the shadows is garbage lol i remember back when that came out i bought it just because it was like the first game to have trophies and i wanted some trophies

S2Killinit523d ago

Good sale. Lots of big options in there.

brokasfawk523d ago

I miss playing Fat Princess
That game was a blast to play

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