Bungie teaser trailer Remixed

Great HD video remixed by fans of Halo universe

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peowpeow3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Not bad..

heavyarms3675d ago

that looks awesome. i may have to play halo3 again. it is one of my favorite games.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3675d ago

Let's not give the impression that user created game videos can be submitted in N4G... ya know... because it's against the rules. Unless the video is indeed news worthy, it shouldn't even be considered N4G material.

rbluetank3674d ago

i do not want more of something that missed the boat. the campaign less then good overall. the online play has holes in it. the regular grenade or the worst in video game history. a direct hit with a grenade only scratches the player. you move like and look like your diaper needs changing. the rtv is pretty much useless compared to the ghost;so why have that vehicles on the same board as the ghost. the graphics speaks for itself. lmao on the indoor design and lol on the outdoor design. Everything looks like hard marble from halo 1 on the indoors parts in halo3. The game has a 16 player limit;that not enough in these days and times of video game. if you do not buy the map packs you will be playing 1 vs 5 or 1 vs 7. i call bull "ginger cookie dough" on that. The maps do not conform to how many player are playing. a map that is set for 16 players can have 4 player wandering around looking for each other. R1 had the level decreased to fit the amount of player playing. R1 came out "2006" before Halo3 in "2007" and they did not look into putting that into the game in 2007.. amazing!! Halo3 has really taken a dive after Halo1 / Halo 2. i am done with halo until something extra special comes with my $65 or more purchase beside a "door stop ugly green colored helment"

There is a game called Fear Effect 1/2 and 13 for ps1/ps2 that has some very good cell shading in it if that what you like.