Now Is the Perfect Time for NetherRealm to Revisit Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

The wait time for NetherRealm’s Injustice 2 is getting shorter with each passing day, and fans are ready to step into the DC Universe yet again to punch each other into submission. Ed Boon and company have been hard at work building up their reputation since being bought by Warner Bros. in 2009, and it may be time for them to do something that could be considered a challenge. And what could be more of a challenge than rebooting Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe? Longtime Mortal Kombat fans had to go through several mediocre titles before NetherRealm released the excellent 2011 reboot. MK vs. DC was the last game in the series developed by Midway before their closure (along with just being their last game, period) and saw the two universes collide and its various characters subsequently punch each other into hamburger meat.

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CorndogBurglar1114d ago


The gameplay itself was fine. The thing that made the first one so bad was that WB/DC did not like the idea of their heroes and villains being brutally killed. This made the game very watered down, less violent and with terrible fatalities. I can't imagine WB/DC would be okay with that now.

Nitrowolf21114d ago

I think they're opening up to the idea more you can see in the latest Injustice game that some moves are pretty brutal and there is some blood now.

It'll all depend on them though, if they're okay with fatalities and complete blood and everything then I say go ahead and make another one otherwise don't

CorndogBurglar1114d ago

Yeah but there's a big difference in having brutal moves in the game and ripping someone's head and spine out of their body.

I can't see WB/DC being okay with ripping characters like Batman and Superman limb from limb.

boomtube19871114d ago

yep i would defo like another DC VS MK but i would much prefer the grand daddy of all Vs battle from the 90s. Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter.

gangsta_red1114d ago

Why? Just play Injustice, its a copy amd paste of MKX. Design, game mechanics and all. Even a lot of the Injustice games roster have stolen moves from MK.

How much are you all willing to bet that the next MK will have the different costume design mechanic?

Paytaa1114d ago

No keep them seperate. MK vs DC was the worst MK game imo. MK9 blew that game out of the water and everyone forgot about it. No fatalities and a gimped MK roster for superheroes/villains that I personally have 0 interest in is dumb

chris2351114d ago

It is beyond me why and how these kind of watered down games find their audience.