Call of Duty : World at War new co-op gameplay video

"Here's a new video of the co-op mode of Call of Duty 5 : World at War for Xbox 360 that we made during le Festival du Jeu Vidéo in Paris."

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chaosatom3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

u seem to get different points for head shots, and how many u kill in a row within a time frame.

btw, the person playing is pretty damn good. I would just run towards them and try to kill someone, after a while.

Also the maps seem to be pretty large. And they have tanks too.

VF34EJ253672d ago

Free Radical, take note. That's how you make a flame thrower for a video game.

beavis4play3672d ago

flamethrower was the one thing in the whole video that caught my eye. it was excellent.

Nasty3672d ago

This game is going to be a good one. Can't wait to incinerate people and watch them go running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

GiantEnemyLobster3672d ago

This game will be sure to be superior on the more superior system, the Xbox 360, Just as is Call of Duty 4 on Xbox Live. Sorry 'playstation network', gotta start trying harder!

kornbeaner3672d ago

I guess you must know something, How long have you been working on Treyarch?

pp3672d ago

It's a well Known fact in the game industry that ps3 hardware compared to xbox360 is underwelming & underforming due to poor hardware

kornbeaner3672d ago

Fact: is a statement for something that cannot be questioned or judged in matter different than that in which it is stated. Both of you seems to think that there is no game on PS3 which can compare to those found on the 360. when the opposite is true. Exclusives aside since can only be judged as opinions. There are third party games in which the PS3 and 360 either share the same quality in graphics or have slight edges either way.

CoD4, Skate, Burnout: Paradise, NBA 2k series. there are more but this list is all that is needed in order to disprove your so called "FACT".

Take my comment whichever way you decide to take it. but maybe you should try owning both system and then be the judge of a so-called "FACT"

3672d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.