IGN: Server Status: Why We Play MMOs

Why do massively multiplayer online games hold gamers? Years after they are first launched, the gameplay models and graphics become dated. Quests are repetitive, sound and music often an afterthought, voice communication poor, and the grind seems endless. You're forever chasing after the golden ring that either moves farther and farther out of reach with each expansion, or you're playing the same content over and over while waiting for more. Yet, they have a tight hold on people. Can ten million World of Warcraft subscribers be lemmings, only playing the game because someone else is?

No. There is one thing that MMOs have that single-player games and even multiplayer games will never have; that is the in-game player community. Some may argue there are more reasons, but by community IGN means all the systems that come about because of that double M in MMO: Massively Multiplayer.

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