PS4 Exclusive Earth Defense Force 5 Gets Lots of Gameplay full of Alien Insects

Starship Troopers was a walk in the park compared to Earth Defense Force 5.

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theXtReMe12330d ago

This looks so awesome. Unfortunately, it will probably be a year after its release in Japan until we see it here. If at all. Not sure how the last games performed saleswise, last time out. I love them though, they mix that 80s arcade feel with modern tech. This looks like the engine finally got updated with new lighting, speedtree and possibly physically based rendering.

theXtReMe12330d ago

Looking at other videos on the site, it seems that it will release in Japan with English subtitles. This may be the first game Ive ever imported(at least, via the Japanese Playstation Store).

Abriael2330d ago

I don't think they announced English subtitles. The trailers are often subtitled because that's just something D3Publisher likes to do with most of it games.

Vasto2329d ago

Game looks like a free to play game.


ShadowKnight2329d ago

Salty because it's not on the Xbox one

Aenea2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Just buy a PS4 Slim, you won't regret it!

Also, to quote yourself: you want it otherwise you wouldn't be reading the article!

spicelicka2329d ago

I would've liked some graphical updates by now, this looks like the very first game that game out 10 years ago. Still looks fun though.


Earth Defense Force 5 Is Stupid Fun

ESTNN Writes: "“EDF! EDF!”, my friend and I cheer into the microphones late at night as hordes of ants, wasps, and frogs with laserguns threaten to overrun our position. The screen is littered with the remains of their comrades, making it hard to see how many they are.

In moments like these, I remember why I love video games, when a friend and I have at it with the same glee we had before we became bitter adults. Even if those games are just about shooting bugs with bigger and bigger guns.

In short: Earth Defense Force 5 is excellent, and you should grab someone dear to you to shoot some bugs."

jznrpg183d ago

I plan on playing this and EDF6 soon.

Pyrofire95181d ago

It really is. The dialog is complete hilarity. Every person is just so dumb and nonsensical. 5/5

isarai271d ago

Satisfying visual feedback, so many games have lost this principle and it's sad. Almost everything you do has an interesting and Satisfying reaction, making everything physics based is the key to that, watching everything fly, crumble, and react to your weapons, and slowly increasing you weapons capabilities to do so to an absurd degree, just keeps ramping up the satisfaction of how good it feels to play this game.

Nitrowolf2271d ago

Games are great, they may not be the greatest visually, but man do they really push the hardware they’re on cpu wise

RetroCaptainSteve271d ago

I'm a big fan of how you can blow buildings apart with no consequence. :D


“Earth Defense Force 5” is now available physically for the PS4 in EU and NA

"The video game publisher PQube and game developer SANDLOT are today super excited and pleased to announce that the physical edition of "Earth Defense Force 5" is now available physically in EU and NA for the PS4." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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