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Five Reasons Why Halo 3 Might Suck

Of late so much anti-Sony hate has been swirling the web that it almost seems like a suddenly-unveiled fad. Ken, Phil and Kaz quotes are the verbatim by which media pundits nosh the hate, with little (if any) regards to any obvious falsehoods or misinterpretation. Rumors and speculations have become the caveat against Sony, the sermon preached to the narrow-minded congregation who in the past simply embraced good gaming irrespectful of corporate VIP's, practices and policies. Seemingly, it is these pundits and false-rumor-mongers who have clandestinely declared Sony's reign as monotonous-in, and almost abrasive-to an industry that thrives on change, despite the legions of fans who enjoy their Playstation products on a daily basis.

Well, through naught but sheer impartiallity and objectivity, and as a recent purchaser of an XBox 360 myself (and loving every bit of GRAW), I seek to level this tumultuous playing field. I seek to bring balance to the field where which the fans have seemingly forgotten the true fruits of the game, and have instead embraced the indulgence of biasness and bickering. Herein, GameDaily gives us its reasons why Halo 3, the sequal to one of the most (perhaps unduly) laudaded franchises ever, just might...(pause) After all, if Sony's reign (the seminal driving arm of the industry for the past decade) can be brought into question, then it is completely within the realm of plausibility that Halo 3 might not be as good as hype cracks it up to be.

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Sphinx6378d ago

I kind of agree... Halo 2 was a lot of fun online... but I've never beat the actual story-line, to be honest.

ACE6377d ago

that MUST be a sony fan boy who said all that rubbish lol!!

what a joke!!

halo 3 will be amazing ,

The BS Police6378d ago

So what if Halo 2 had a few shortcomings, there is no sucj thing as a perfect Video Game, Halo 3 is going to have some issues like any other Popular video game!

sonyISgod6378d ago

Same thing will be for Halo 3. Peoples that are disapointed by Halo 2 will not be looking forward to Halo 3, they will first wait for a review by Major gaming website. I do agree that Halo 2 game play suck when offline. The story is just not worth my time into it. From what I has seen from the trailers, like the development trailer. They are talking about how great the online gaming will become and graphic, but it seem like they are not really focusing on the story line and gameplay of it being offline.

The BS Police6378d ago (Edited 6378d ago )

Obviously you gonna diss Halo because it's the most popular videogame franchise ever created... Sony fans say Halo sucks because it's suposebly to popular (which is a pretty bad reason to hate it)

Halo 2 was an awesome game! It had an excellent Storyline, lot's of plot twists and it became the best selling video game of all time!

And of course you say they are not focusing on the story line (even though you see the plot in the trailer)

This game is rock wether you like it or not.

MoonDust6378d ago

1. Storyline blows?
I think the storyline was good. The cut scenes were incredible IMO it felt like i was watching a movie.
2. The Aliens Still Speak English
LMAO! That would be a lame storyline if you can't understand.
3. People Are Still Cheating:
This is H3 not H2.
4.The Boss Fights Suck:
His opinion.
5.The Graphics Aren't Up To Code
This guy must be on cocaine, h3 graphics are insanely good.

Any dumb ass can write a stupid article like this one.

The BS Police6378d ago (Edited 6378d ago )

It sounds like a Halo Hater/Sony fan wrote this article... if the storyline blew then why did he give it a 5!

xeon1216378d ago

Seriously what is the point in this post? what news value does it have other than some dude bltching about halo 2 there is not one fact about why or if halo 3 will such. just some guy giving his views on not halo 3 as you cant give a view on somthing that doesnt exist yet, regardless of halo 2's story line and single player being a disapointment and yes it was compared to halo ce its online cannot be touched bungie own and matchmaking and their antimoding are and example to all, you cant compare yet not until the game is on the shelfs and the gamers have it their 360's.Instead of 5 reasons halo 3 will suck lets have 5 reasons why website hacks should shut their mouths till they see the final product


zypher6378d ago

thats exactly the point that needs to be made. Halo 3 doesn't exist yet: wait until its on the shelves before slamming or praising it. THE EXACT SAME THING NEEDS TO BE SAID ABOUT THE PS3. but do we hear such rational reasoning when it comes to the PS3? no. all you hear is bickering: one partial Microsoft developer saying how it ain't all that, and other impartial third-party developers saying how it is: and then you have the myriad of pro/anti-Sony fans chiming in at the bit, offering little by way of insightfulness. Halo was great. Halo 2 was ok. no one knows how Halo 3 will be, until its out and on the store shelves. same thing with the PS3. speculation is just that: no one will know how the final product will be until the final product is out.

pRo loGic II6378d ago

Don't bring PS3 in to it, people fight over the info Sony boasts about, and what they can see and touch. Nice try not even the same thing people and dev's ect. know much more about PS3 than they know about Halo from pics and vids.

billybob6377d ago

give me a break!!! for every MS fanboy who knocks the ps3 before it's out there is a ps3 fanboy woh says the ps3 i better than the 360 so don't make it out like you and your fanboy buddies are any better. now quit spamming theis site

zypher6377d ago

how the h&ll can i spam an article that i myself posted? and who's referring only to a specific fanboy? i said "pro/anti-Sony fanboys". learn to read before hopping on this spam hype. my post was just an attempt to level the playing field, which now seems riddled with half-truths for or against Sony. if people wan't to dog Sony for every slight, however irrelevant little thing that they do (from Blu-Ray to printing "Secret" instead of "Select" on a prototype controller), then some of that should swing the other way, especially when we're talking about a over-hyped sequel to a game that wasn't all that in the first place. trust me, i know. entire textures and models taking seconds to finally pop in, all sorts of glitches here and there, and 50% of the game was played through the eyes of a race i couldn't care less about. i didn't even beat the final boss in Halo 2; my commrads did. i simply jumped around on the upper level while they fought him. goes to show you how incomplete the game was.

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