Can Nintendo Switch Outsell These Nintendo Systems?

The Switch is a sales hit but it has some steep competition behind it.

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ABizzel1530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

I think it's going to land somewhere around the SNES - 3DS (their 3DS sales are old, and the handheld is still selling and should end up around 70m)

Unlike the previous handhelds, the Switch is launching at a much higher asking price and it's launching with a good day one model. Like they said with the DS, it launched with a horrible design, then the slim came out and people bought another one, then the XL came out and people with bigger hands and who wanted a bigger screen bought that one, and then the DSi etc..., so that system had several revisions that helped it sell over 150m units. I don't think Switch with it's $299 launch price and it's solid Day 1 design is going to be able to truly match that.

3DS sales is a much more reasonable goal, to look towards.

Brian "I think the PS4 is gonna sell around 75m when it's all said and done"..... XD

It'll be there summer 2018 XD,

_-EDMIX-_530d ago

I would have a more realistic number and say it might be around 3DS or slightly below.

It depends on how they support it and if they're making another portable.

LOL PlayStation 4 is possibly going to have that number around fall of this year. PlayStation 4 is likely going to move deep into the 100 million territories

rataranian530d ago

How about we start comparing it to current gen consoles? Stop giving this thing training wheels and keeping it all seperated away in its own Nintendo world corner.

chris235530d ago

nintendo is arrogant enough to say "we got no competition because we're something different alltogether, so stopcomparing us.". i stopped. but last time i checked every blogger and their mother is still comparing the switch as if it WAS a competitor to thereal consoles. also we will getports of these subpar software titles to highend consoles in the futures. i don't want noncompetitor stuff to get released on my top console. to me there is something off in the lala land of the common blogger and some devs. or is nintendo itself completely delusional? idk.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory529d ago

It will outsell the N64, GC and Wii U.

The next step would be outselling NES-SNES-3DS

ImGumbyDammit529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

Sell more than:
Wii-U / N64 - yes
Wii / DS / GB - no.
3DS / NES / SNES - maybe

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