BioWare Can't Patch What Sucks About Mass Effect: Andromeda

BioWare has been hard at work over the past few weeks addressing various technical issues that have plagued the release of its latest in the Mass Effect series. But, Andromeda's biggest problems are more than just broken animations and tone-deaf dialogue...

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Unspoken529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

More bait! My game settings look waaaaaaay better than the image he portrays to have which appears to be on the lowest settings and resolution. It's Dragon Age: Inquistion in space and is graphically superior in nearly every way. Author portrays fake news for hits. Sounds familiar...

The only real issue with the game carries over from DA:I, and that's AI movement. But I didn't buy a deep story RPG to play a shooter.

My god, I have to equip my imagine if I didn't have to sit down in front of my TV and turn on my console to punch up a game. It would be so much easier.

Another site and writer off the list.

He might be right though; they can't patch what sucks: these writers. :)

Retard529d ago

IMO, having played the game (twice through); he nailed several of the downfalls. However, nothing new came from the article, everything he states is well-known and heavily criticized.

Unspoken529d ago

Except most of his stances are based off false premises which therefore nullifies his opinions. As much as we'd like it to be true, it just isn't. But don't let the memes, trolls, and FUD stop you from making up your own mind or consistently being disappointed.

By the way, number of play-throughs, years being a fan, how many times you've purchased the game, means squat when you regurgitate online sensationalism.

Disclaimer: I began playing after 1.05. I also thoroughly enjoyed Inquisition and all DLC.

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SaveFerris530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Bioware threw the franchise under the bus.

PlayableGamez-529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

EA in general through a lot of their franchises under the bus.

TheOttomatic91529d ago

This is sadly true as this game was made by the bioware B team whilst the A team (the ones who created the original trilogy) are working on a yet unannounced game.

Krysis529d ago

It's kinda of announced, it's EA answer to destiny and the division

black0o529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

i really enjoyed this one more thn ME3

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DarkZane529d ago

No matter how much sparkle you try to add to garbage, it's still gonna be garbage underneath.

GamesMaster1982529d ago

people can complain all they like about this game. But im about half way through and loving it. each to there own and what not but i bought this nioh and nier automata all at once like them all but im having way more fun with this.

Gaming4Life1981529d ago

Im at the end and i love this game, has not let me down one bit.

The_Sage529d ago

Those disagrees came from hate filled idiots who haven't even played the game. It does have Its issues but it's a damn good game.

UnHoly_One529d ago

Played it through twice back to back and loved every second.

Better than Mass Effect 1 for sure.

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starchild529d ago

That's why I don't listen to the "gaming community". Too many mindless sheep. They'll lead you right off the cliff with them if you listen to them. I make up my own mind based on what I can see and it rarely leads me astray.

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