How Skyrim Taught Me to Love Games Again

Instead of scrutinising framerates and hoarding titles, sometimes it can be nice to take a step back - and Skyrim might be the place to do it.

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Cobra9511715d ago

Playing Skyrim SE on PC for the first time now, with SweetFX and a lot of time put into getting a good, colorful look out of this shader-injecting tool. 60 fps with vsync, and almost no hiccups in streaming. Quite a different experience from the original on Xbox 360. I'm definitely looking at this from a fresh perspective now. Some never-played DLC awaits too.

Bigpappy1715d ago

I have been playing The Elder Scrolls series Morrowind. That game just completely change what I consider as a great RPG. The emersion I got out of that world was no the graphic's or the framerate. It was the variety of gameplay and the unbelievable depth of immersion. The politic, racial divide, homosexual, drug market, religious fractions, class structure and economy where all done on a scale still not matched by any game I have played to this day... including Skyrim.

Having said that, I fully enjoyed Skyrim and it is the best RPG I have played since Morrowind. Another RPG that got a lot of criticism but I totally enjoyed playing from start to finish is Fallout 4. Once you got to the end of FO4, you realized that many of the alliances you developed and the things you did to strengthen the outland didn't really affect the outcome, and you weren't given the freedom to influence the outcome. But the journey to get there was totally worth it.

1715d ago