Up To 80% Off Digital Sale For PS4/PS3/X1/PSV On Amazon

My shelves are filled. My wife is constantly asking me if I'm going to play certain games anymore, and of course, the answer is yes. So I've gone to digital copies lately because she has yet to come up to me with my hard drive and ask me if I'm playing the games in it. If this sounds like a struggle you go through, you should check out Amazon's digital sale.

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TGG_overlord1718d ago

Nice =) More games for less money :3

1718d ago
rando 1718d ago

so many great playstation games for cheap. you can't go wrong.

PumPum1718d ago

Does the keys work on EU side?

Kosic1718d ago

Make an American account on psn and no issue there. Buying the codes can be hit/miss based on the card you use.

1718d ago