Analyst:Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Isn't Any Ordinary Success But A MegaHit on A Different Scale Altogether

According to an equity analyst, the scale of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's success is well beyond even Mario Kart Wii's one.

He also believes that Nintendo will easily outperform their conservative estimate of 10 million Switch units sold in the next fiscal year.

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Festano2338d ago

I'm so happy for Nintendo, they are truly back in the game!

Nu2337d ago

Pixar definitely influenced Nintendo while creating this gem.

3-4-52337d ago

uhhh what?

It's Nintendo...they've had certain art styles for years.

Are you young and new to video games maybe ?

Nu2337d ago

/s sarcasm forgotten bit me back with all the backlash. It was mostly a compliment.

Omnislashver362337d ago

I'm glad fans are enjoying it but damn I wish it were a stationary console. I might pick one up later this year though.

Omnislashver362337d ago

I wish it were stationary because you'd get more graphics for a cheaper price, as well as multiplats. I probably will rarely undock it but I don't see the point in a hybrid concept personally.

EddieNX 2337d ago

missing the point of hybrid

Omnislashver362337d ago

You're missing the point that I'd prefer if it were a stationary console with a cheaper price and better graphics.

silkylove2337d ago

Then get a PS4 slim? Nintendo has been out of the power arms race for a few generations now. Expecting them to come with a traditional console experience at this point is unrealistic. I think the Switch is awesome so I'm glad they made the design choices they did.

mcstorm2337d ago

@omnislashVer36 so what your saying is you want a PS4 or Xbox one.

Nintendo know they won't do well if they make a console as powerful or more than the other 2 consoles on the market. The last 2 that were more powerful were not a massive hit with 3rd partys to. Nintendo needs to just be Nintendo make their own console to fit their own games/audience. The switch is perfect for this. For me I will not use the switch much out of the dock but I have done when I've been a a few trips since having it. For me it takes away gaming on my mobile as I can have fill games like Zelda on the go.

As for Mario kart I have the wiiu version but with battle mode and 2 weppions in the deluxe version it feels more complete plus still looks stunning to.

Power is not everything the same as a game looking amazing is nothing without the GamePlay.

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2337d ago
Chris_Wray2338d ago

Although I understand their point, of it outselling the Wii version and comparing the number of potential buyers this seems to be doing incredibly well, but it's a little out of context. I'm not terribly surprised that this has sold as well as it has, but it should be pointed out that this is only one of, in reality, two Switch games.
People will buy it just to justify owning the switch.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2338d ago

uh no
there are tons of Switch games people are buying.
Super Bomberman R didn't sell 500k for nothing.
All the digital games are selling well too.

As far as Nintendo Switch library goes. People are buying a lot of games.
I already have Zelda: BotW, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Fast RMX and VOEZ and I only had it for about 3 weeks. Planning to pick a few more this month.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: BotW sales has nothing to do with the lineup of games.
Both are must-have game. Not Switch purchase is complete without either one or both.

Nyxus2338d ago

But Zelda and Mario Kart are clearly the must have games on the system as of now, and the ones with the widest appeal, so he has a point.

tontontam02337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

That's what happens when the games are limited, people bought those games for the sake of having games on the switch not because they really want to play those games.

PurpHerbison2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Weird that the two must have games are on the SWITCH are WiiU ports. I'll pass.

Chris_Wray2336d ago

From what I'm aware, Super Bomberman R hasn't sold even half of the figures you're stating. As for the switch library selling loads of games, I'm not as confident as yourself. You may have bought four games with the aims of buying more, but that doesn't mean it applies to every owner.

Far from that, my point stands in the fact that the real sellers for the console, the hit IP's, are limited to two games and one is a port of a three year old game. To say that the games have nothing to do with the lineup of the games seems a perplexing statement? What does link into the lineup of games then?

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2337d ago
Supernintendo852337d ago

Uh, isn't that why we buy the system of choice? We buy games to justify our purchase? I'm confused. I'd have bought Uncharted to justify buying a PS4 or id have bought Gears to justify my Xbox purchase. Sorry but it shouldn't be rocket science that purchasing Mario Kart Deluxe to play it ANYWHERE is a no brainer. Especially one of the best iterations of the franchise.

Chris_Wray2336d ago

It's far from an unusual concept. Infact, it's fairly common. People buy a console, be it handheld or home, not always considering the near future. That's when the purchasing of games, just so they have some to choose from, becomes a factor. It's easy to justify owning a console you have a reasonable number of games for rather than one you only have a handful.

I'm guilty of it myself with the Vita and the Switch - although it's early days for the Switch and it could turn itself around. I buy the consoles because they are something that I like the look of, only to then find out I never play them because the catalogue of games is limited at best. To argue that this doesn't happen is just taking the role of the Ostrich and sticking ones head in the sand.

GamingCentaur2336d ago

Yeah there's really no games for it at the moment.

Supernintendo852334d ago

Chris_Wray I appreciate the comment. However we could go round around talking about what people do versus not do. I think it would be a 50-50 battle. But usually what companies promote are features of the system and their games, Games usually being front and center. There's no way anybody bought the switch other than the games they saw, or knowing that Nintendo does put out quality games, no matter how far or spread apart they are. The switch clearly wasn't promoted to be another tablet or streaming device. There's next to nothing for options other than just playing video games. I'm 100 percent OK with that and I knew that when I bought it. People buy what they want. Sales figures don't lie, even if the buyer trades the game in after two weeks or less. It's great to hear some good news for Nintendo, no matter how against the grain they are or how many copies of each game sold on whatever system.

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XiNatsuDragnel2338d ago

Holy s*** who of thought this game would be a true megaton

Alexious2337d ago

Playing on the go is very cool.

Phil322337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I don't know if that's sarcasm, but Mario Kart is one of Nintendo's best selling franchises. The Wii version sold over 30 million copies and 7 is one of the 3DS's best selling games. Heck, even the original Wii U version is one of the best selling Wii U games.

Segata2337d ago

I mean every Mario Kart sells a crap load. DS one sold 23 million. Wii one 36 million. Wii U 8 million on a small install base. Mario Kart always sells.

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ccgr2337d ago

Glad we'll have plenty of people to play against

V0LT2337d ago

They have a good flow of games coming out, lets hope they keep it rolling.