Playstation 3 drive adds 11+ times the storage

Though the stock Playstation 3s may have more than enough hard drive space for the average gamer, a Japanese company is selling an expansion that multiplies capacity by at least 11 times. An external drive by Century can hold two 750GB units in a RAID configuration.

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GRUNT5228d ago (Edited 5228d ago )

the voyages of the U.S.S. PLAYSTATION 3.....

CAPS LOCK5229d ago

nice play on words The L

anyway this is good news, but i would prefer a 750GB sata 2.5", i dont want to have that big thing on my ps3, what if it drops then the drive might be formated.

LegendaryMark5229d ago

I'd be interested to know from those that own PS3s, do you actually feel you need more space right now? I know it's a semi-common complaint on the 360, but on mine I find that the only thing that takes up the space are the demos, of which I only have about 2 or 3 on my HDD at any one time. As for music/photos/videos, I just stream them from my PC (I presume you can do this with the PS3 too?), I don't feel the need to transfer them to my console.

I suppose what I'm asking is: is this actually useful given the (probably fairly large) cost? What do people think?

Siesser5229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

I have 14 gigs of space left on my 60 gig ps3, so I'm fairly certain that down the line, I'm going to need more. But then again, I'm one of the people who brought the system just as much for its media functionality as its game play. I have all of my music on there, a huge number of videos (music videos, anime, and tv), and a bunch of photos. If I start managing to put HD content on there (like the 600MB movie trailers), I can only imagine that space disappearing even faster.

The thing I'm most concerned about as I use up more space is the organization options with the media; specifically photos and music. You can only arrange pictures by the date they were taken or the date they were imported; you can't make photo albums or anything, which is something so strikingly obvious that it's absence is annoying. Music organization isn't quite as bad. I have a little over 16 gigs of it on there, just over 3300 tracks. Although you can organize by artist or album to compact things, I prefer to have my music organized by song title, and so moving from a song in the "A"s to one in the "T"s takes forever. Hopefully these two issues will be addressed in future firmware updates.

But yeah, you can never have to much space. I remember when I first got my computer, I had 120 gigs and felt that was more than I'd ever be able to fill. A second internal drive and an external HD later, I now have 570 gigs, and am already looking at expanding it further.

Sadly, PS3 can not at the moment stream content from a wireless home network (at least, I don't know how), but I like having everything on the system regardless.

LegendaryMark5229d ago

It sounds like you might be a bit of an exception, do you think that would be fair comment? I don't know, maybe most PS3 owners do buy them as much for the media capability as for the gaming. How much does the non-video/photo/music content take up on your PS3 HHD? Enough so you think you'll run out of space even without all your media on there?

I'm also interested about what you think would be a fair price for this thing, it sounds like you have quite a bit of experience in the area ;) Would you be willing to pay more for a drive specifically designed for PS3, as opposed to one of the same size that was merely compatible?

Siesser5229d ago (Edited 5229d ago )

Oh, I don't doubt that I'm an exception. I'm sure most people that look at the system see it as a video game console only, that can do other stuff on the side. Those are the people who are upset at its cost and everything, as they have every right to be. $600 is a RIDICULOUS amount to pay just to play a videogame or two, but if you view it as more than just a gaming machine, then I think the value's apparant. Sadly, most gamers don't.

So yeah, I see myself as an exception ;-)

As far as strictly gaming-space used:
Resistance Data on HD: 129MB
Resistance Game save: 124KB
Gran Turismo HD demo game save: 140KB
Fight Night Rd. 3 save: 136KB
Gripshift demo: 123MB
Gran Turismo HD demo: 626MB
F1 demo: 679MB
Lemmings Demo: 143MB
Go! Sudoku w/intermediate pack: 85MB
Motorstorm demo: 457 MB

And the movie trailers are 150MB or so, that 600 number, I was thinking about demos.

As far as fair price? I dunno. I don't want an external hard drive kept with my system. The external I have on my PC I can just plug into it whenever I like, so I'd prefer that what I have on the PS3 be permanent and internal. I don't care who it comes from, so long as it works and fits inside. I would rather add the extra space to my pc and stream than have an external kept with the ps3. I wouldn't buy it now, because I don't even want to think about how much a laptop-sized 750gig drive will cost. I'd start out smaller and work my way up probably. Unless PS3 gets that once-rumored DVR functionaliity. I love my tivo, but PS3 already improves on its music and photo features by leaps and bounds (with the exception that I can stream said content wirelessly to my tivo). If Sony manages to release a good DVR service that can come close to Tivo's (and I've yet to see anything that can), then I'll be willing to shell out for the largest HDD possible so that I can record HD tv. As of right now, I'm stuck waiting for the Tivo Series 3 to lose that $800 price tag.

Adriokor5229d ago

It will be usefull when Dev decide to install the game on HDD (if the response and transfer speed of the external are in par).

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