Sony, Calling Your Games Stand-alone DLC Sells Them Short

"I personally don’t like the phrase “stand-alone DLC”. Not because of the actual meaning of it, but because I think there’s a negative stigma that surrounds it.

I’ll begin this topic by talking a little bit about Horizon: Zero Dawn. Pretty much everyone and their grandmas (not literal) loved this first-party PlayStation exclusive. I reviewed the game and couldn’t believe how much the game achieved — it’s easily my GOTY thus far. Anyway, much to my surprise, when Guerrilla Games announced sales numbers for the title, they also confirmed the studio is working on single-player DLC for it. However, do we really need single-player DLC anymore? Will it begin as a smaller project and then blossom into a larger experience similar to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy?" -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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isarai1544d ago

No it doesnt, it keeps people expectations in check and with the price lets people know its not going to be an entirely new itteration but more of the same (which is not always a bad thing) with a bit of a twist.

You know how pissed people would be if the sold one of these as a full game and people realize it's mostly reused assets? This current setup leaves nothing to be confused about.

FITgamer1544d ago

Agree completely. Also If they advertised them as a full game they would get slaughtered in reviews for their length.

Eonjay1544d ago

Im sorry but I always thought the term was an affirmation that the original wasn't required.

Bathyj1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Well I don't need to say it. You said it all for me.

I do agree the writer has a point, I don't like the phrase DLC. DLC now days sounds like something they left out of the game and sold it separately because that's what it usually is. Clearly this is not that. It should be called an expansion because that's what it is. It's extending the story and the universe. We made a game. We finished it, it was a complete game. Now we're expanding that world.

DashArrivals1544d ago

Stand-alone DLC means it is in fact DLC for Uncharted 4... but 'stand alone' means that you don't have to have played Uncharted 4 to enjoy this DLC. It stands by itself.

Bathyj1544d ago

I know what it means. I'm saying DLC has a negative connotation like it was cut from the game, where as expansion sounds like it was made after. It makes no difference to me, I know what I'm getting, I'm just saying how people take it from a marketing point of view.

bmf73641544d ago

TLOU: Left Behind, while an excellent piece of backstory for Ellie, was not worth calling it anything else but "Standalone DLC." Same goes for Infamous: First Light. Sony's studios can deliver some of the best single-player experiences in the industry and if they feel the need to add more to the story without having to make a full-fledged sequel or rip off the consumer, then im all for it.

vickers5001543d ago

Speaking of infamous and standalone dlc remided me of infamous: festival of blood, which was a fantastic expansion/standalone dlc. Perfect timing too, came out around halloween.

_-EDMIX-_1544d ago


I think its fair to categorize theses games better as they must be priced as such and must at least convey something the user understand won't be a longer game.

Keeps expectations respectable.

Patriot4Life1544d ago

Did you read the article or just the headline?

He does make a good case but in the end it's just his opinion...same with micro transaction, gamers claim they hate them but yet they are very popular and earn the developer tons of money.

I am ok with stand alone DLC as long as its not obvious that it was intentionally cut from the game, doesn't feel forced and the price is justified.

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Jaqen_Hghar1544d ago

That's just how great they are. They have UNDERsell rather than claim "it's the best lineup in Playstation history!" or something as forced as that. Sony knows that the fans will decide what the best lineup is.

bluefox7551544d ago

It's looking like the Uncharted 4 DLC might be longer than some full games, and likely better than most.

Summons751544d ago

Not at all. It lets people know that they don't NEED the main game in order to play because by the time they release a lot of people will have traded in Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us or Infamous. It's not its own game, it's DLC of the game it's attached too. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a bit of an anomaly since it started at a 2 hour DLC expansion and has grown into a full game. This isn't the first time either, Saints Row 4 was an April Fools joke DLC announcement for Saints Row 3 and that turned into its own game too. A standalone DLC isn't bad at all.

TheOttomatic911544d ago

Uh the only reason Sony (and other companies) refer to certain products Stand alone DLC/Game is because that's exactly what they are. Next this idiot is going to be saying something like Uncharted should be called Indiana Jones simulator.

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