Gameplanet: Crysis Warhead Review

Crysis Warhead is dangerously close to the game that Crysis should have been, and is ultimately only let down by the short story. Everything else about Warhead is better - visuals, sound, AI, multiplayer - these are all improvements over the original. If the extremely attractive RRP of $50 doesn't entice you, then the mere fact that Crytek has actually listened to the community and gone out of their way to improve an already amazing experience should be more than enough reason to seriously consider it.

If your PC can play it, this is a must-have.

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Sena Kobayashi3700d ago

Nice review , sad thing my CPU probably cant run this baby with full capacity T_T. Oh and yeah who is going to call this a FLOP ? it scored a 8.5 right? dumb asses

im of to another thread with my MAX SPEEDD!!!