The first artwork of the female Splinter Cell-spy

The first artworks of the new female spy who will appear in the PLAYSTATION 3-version of Splinter Cell Double Agent. Check 'em out!

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Kees5221d ago

This has already been posted...

Kees5221d ago

Why exactly is this approved? And mine:

posted earlier...isn't?

calderra5221d ago

Cause the previous mod notices it had already been posted before that, more than likely?

Anyway, thank goodness some of the spy's clothes were missing. As if three bright green lights aren't enough to give away her position, now her midriff will as well. Note the inclusion of the ever-present "boobie armor".

Why'd ya have to do it, devs? Sam's a no-nonsense guy. He would not approve.

SlaughterMeister5221d ago

That costume sucks, it makes no sense.

Why is it designed to show off maximum cleavage?

Seriously, seriously not cool.

If she is a spy, wouldn't she be doing her best to cover up any exposed skin, to avoid being cut or shot or scraped or anything like that?

The sides of her torso, right where her kidneys are, is completely exposed.

It's just like all those stupid b-rate action movies that are always being directed towards gamers, as if we're all a bunch of total freaking morons.

When i play splinter cell, i want puzzles and situations that are stimulating to my mind, not my groin.

PS360PCROCKS5221d ago

lol...this is funny, enjoy ps3 fans. I really cant believe their putting a skantidly clad girl spy, wow...

dikturbo5221d ago

about the PS3 getting a new character before the highly supported xbox/xbox 360 fanbase but then I remembered that SC5 is a 360 exclusive. Nuff said.

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The story is too old to be commented.